When Illness or Injury Strikes: Time-Consuming Activities to Do While Recovering

It is not great when you are feeling under the weather and need to stay in bed or indoors for a day or two, but if you can find some activities that will keep you entertained for a few hours it will take your mind off your illness.

Here are some ideas to battle boredom and get you through the day. Maybe you want to use your time to cook up a healthy menu, or perhaps you like the idea of clearing your mind with a coloring book. There is also a suggestion to delve into your old photos or tune up your music skills, plus a perfect excuse to catch up on your favorite shows.

Cook yourself a healthy meal

You might not feel up to it at first but spending some time in the kitchen and cooking up some healthy meals is a great way to pass the time and serves a real purpose too when it helps you speed up your recovery.

Plenty of fruit and vegetables are always going to help your body return to normal after an illness, so get out the cookbook and work on creating a menu that will keep you occupied as well as helping your body to fight off whatever bug has temporarily dragged your health levels down.

A traditional pastime that soothes the mind

If you think back to your childhood you will probably be able to remember some happy afternoons spent drawing or working on your favorite coloring book, and i


t is these positive connections that help explain why adult coloring books have surged in popularity.

A viable alternative for the digital age is the mandala coloring app by Apalon Apps, which gives you the chance to put your feet up and choose one of the activities on the app that will quickly take your mind off your illness and see the hours fly by.


A trip down memory lane

There never seems to be enough time in your usual weekly routine to sit down for a few hours and reminisce about the past and remember much-loved family members who are no longer with us.

If you are housebound with an illness this is the perfect opportunity to lose yourself in a box of old photos and mementos, all of which will help to rekindle some treasured memories.

If you want to wonder where the day went when you look up at the clock lose yourself in a trip down memory lane.

Master that new tune

If you play a musical instrument like a piano or guitar you might want to use your sick day as a great chance to finally master that song that you have been working on.

You might as well try and do something productive with your time if you are up to it and learning a new song or perfecting one you have been trying to get to grips with, seems like a good way to take your mind off your medical woes.

Catch up on your favorite TV show

If you need plenty of rest and are likely to be spending the best part of the day on the couch, that should be good enough reason to work your way through your favorite TV series.

You can often download an entire series to watch one after the other if you want to. Being ill and off work is the perfect excuse to do feast yourself on TV entertainment seeing as you have the time to do it right now.

Jayden North is a hands-on Dad who loves spending quality time with his kids. He enjoys article writing, usually focusing on parenting topics which appear around the web.

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