What You Should Know About Cenegenics

Cenegenics is a popular “age management” program with locations throughout the United States. Founded in 1997, Cenegenics largely targets seniors who want to improve their health and vitality through a combination of programs, products, and services designed to reduce health risks, restore healthy hormone levels, and create an effective diet and exercise program.

Cenegenics has been the recipient of a great deal of scathing media reports, including a 60 Minutes report painted the company as ineffective or even a scam. While much of the science behind Cenegenics is sound, it’s not necessarily the best program for you to improve your overall health.


The High Cost of Cenegenics

One of the biggest problems with Cenegenics is the cost of the program is not advertised. According to customer reviews and reports on the company, customers face thousands in fees, both initial costs and ongoing fees. The initial consultation fee is usually more than $3,000. No one should pay such a high fee for a consultation when they do not even know if they are a good candidate for the program. This is a big sign that you will likely be told you “need” hormone therapy and other costly services rather than getting the real assessment you need.

That’s not the end of the high costs. Cenegenics also comes with monthly costs that include testing, prescriptions, branded skincare and fitness wear, and supplements of all types. There is also a monthly “medical fee” of nearly $800 to continue the program. It’s not uncommon for customers to pay more than $2,000 per month for Cenegenics, although hormone replacement therapy usually adds much more to the monthly cost. Hormone replacement is not an optional service with Cenegenics; instead, it’s the backbone of the service. Rather than offering hormone therapy to patients who have a legitimate medical need, it’s recommended for everyone to receive testosterone, estrogen, and/or human growth hormone.

Is Cenegenics the Right Choice?

Cenegenics is not the only anti-aging or age management company in existence. While popular, it is also not always the best. You can achieve the same benefits through a personalized treatment plan through a hormone specialist without the very high cost. Rather than dealing with dozens of monthly fees that add thousands to your cost, consider working with hormone specialists to determine if you have a hormone deficiency and create a personalized treatment plan that helps you feel your best.

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