What to Know When Considering Substance Abuse Treatment

The huge surge in opioid addiction over the last decade has led to a soaring need for opiate detox programs. The millions of people caught in addiction cycles need help to return to healthy, productive lives, and the most effective way to get them there is by providing professional detoxification, counseling and rehabilitation services.

If you’re ready to break free of your addiction and looking for the best place to get help, there are several things for you to consider.

What to Know When Considering Substance Abuse Treatment

Ask for Help

First, don’t be scared to ask for help. Addiction is a disease, and there’s no reason to feel self-conscious or embarrassed about asking for help to rid yourself of it. Thousands of men and women have dedicated their lives to helping people return to sobriety, and they want to help you. Many of them are former users themselves, so they understand what you’re going through and where you’re coming from.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Everyone breaking free of addiction goes through withdrawal, and this is often the most frightening aspect of a detoxification program for people considering going to one. However, professional detox programs, such as opiate detox in California, are equipped to handle your symptoms in ways that will lessen their intensity and keep you safe while your body returns to a healthier state.   

It’s important to know that opiate withdrawal isn’t life-threatening. However, it is uncomfortable. Most people report flu-like symptoms, strong cravings, depression, and anxiety during withdrawal. Detox centers strive to keep those going through withdrawal as comfortable as possible while offering continuing support so that their recovery keeps moving forward.

Why People Go Through Withdrawal

You might wonder why withdrawal is necessary in the first place.

When people first start using opiates, or any other mind-altering substance, it only takes a small amount to produce feelings of intense intoxication. When people enjoy the feelings they experienced, some of them continue using the substance, but it takes an increasingly larger amount to achieve the intense high they experienced with their first use.

As people begin to use more of the substance more often, it becomes less effective at producing high levels of intoxication. This is because the body is adjusting to having large amounts of the substance in its system.

As users chase the highs they crave, they may ingest near-lethal amounts of the substance in a single session. When people reach this point, it becomes impossible for them to attain the highs they want, but this doesn’t stop them from becoming fixated on achieving them. This is when getting professional help becomes vital. The user’s body has become dependent on the substances, such as opioids, and it now needs them to function.

When the substance isn’t provided, withdrawal symptoms begin. Symptoms usually appear within four to twelve hours after the last dose and become increasingly uncomfortable. This unbearable discomfort is why professional care in a treatment center is so important.

End Drug Addiction and Embrace Holistic Wellness

Safe Environment

A safe environment is necessary to break free of drug dependency because it’s free of the triggers that encourage drug use. It’s hard, if not impossible, to stop using drugs in the same environment where you are accustomed to using them.

When you stop using, you’ll reach the point where you’ll do whatever it takes to make your withdrawal symptoms go away unless you’re in a professional, safe environment. If you’re at home, it’ll be far too easy to scrape together enough money to buy the drugs that’ll ease your withdrawal symptoms. This won’t be an option at a drug detox center.

Furthermore, treatment centers provide access to people that will help you. You’ll be safe while increasing your odds of becoming sober and getting back to the life you had before addiction took it away.


Opiate addiction has grown exponentially over the last ten years. While it’s difficult to stop using, it is possible. Professional treatment in a detoxification center combined with counseling in a safe environment helps addicts beat their addictions and return to their former, drug-free lives. It’s not easy and success isn’t guaranteed, but more and more people are beating their addictions every day. They’re returning to their jobs, friends, and families as healthy, whole, productive people.     

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