What Things Should You Pack in Your Travelling Health Kit

When you are planning to travel to a couple of different areas, you mostly focus on what’s good. You go buy good clothes, scratch off map, maybe even some makeup and accessories. This is all great but you shouldn’t forget your health and possible mishaps that could occur in far-off areas.

Travelling to different places is a very enjoyable experience which is why it should not be hindered by difficulties regarding a person’s health. It is always better to stay safe by carrying a health kit with all necessary items than. To pack a perfect health kit, you need the following items:


During journeys to different places, it is not always possible to be near a hospital or a clinic so it best that you carry antiseptics. This is because even the most minor injuries can become dangerous if not treated in the right time. Any small wounds you get without realizing should be cleaned with an antiseptic before being dressed otherwise it might lead to diseases like sepsis or other pathological infections.

Wound Cleaning Gauzes

Sometimes the injuries can create big wounds and lead to a lot of blood loss. If such cases after cleaning the wound with antiseptics, a patch of wet-to-dry wound cleaning gauze must be placed before dressing the wound with a bandage or tape. It soaks the blood which is coming out when it’s moist and dries up with the blood. This helps the blood clot and the wound closes and heals faster. Since it contains a lot of contaminated blood, it’s best to change the gauze frequently. You can never be too careful so it’s better to carry a lot of gauzes since you wouldn’t know how far the next medical center is.

Medicinal Tape

In cases when you need to use a bandage to cover your wound, it’s better to use medicinal tape to tighten it up instead of safety pins or any other such materials. It keeps your dressing in place better then pins as well. At least one roll of tape must be in your health kit also for hygienic purposes it’s best to change the tape while changing the dressing. Precaution must be taken in using this tape as it is very adherent and if used on the bare skin might cause pain when you are removing it.

Painkillers (Tablets or Syrup)

People are prone to get sudden aches in their bodies during to change in environment. In faraway lands where your body is not suited to the climate and environmental conditions, getting feverish and all is also quite common. Painkiller tablets for adults and syrups for children must be carried as well. You do not need to carry prescribed painkiller since over the counter medicines are work just as well. If the pain persists even after taking painkillers, then instead of overdosing, it’s best to visit a general physician.


Allergies to different environmental factors are common in people. Allergy to dust, pollen or any such factors can actually be pronounced when you are not in your homeland. For prevention anti-allergy tablets or syrup must be kept at hand. You must confirm if your situation is an allergic reaction before taking these medicines.


A pair of scissors is necessary as sometimes the piece of clothing on the skin need to be torn or cut if stuck to a branch or nail. The bandage might also need some adjustments when being placed on a wound. A pair of scissors will neatly do the job. If you are traveling through planes where your luggage will go through checking, it’s better to pack them in the bag which would be boarded in the plane beforehand since they are not allowed in hand carry bags.


Plain bandages are a necessity to dress injuries which is why an amount must be carried. A few layers must be applied on the wound because they might soak blood. They are also good for sprains or fractures. Tightly tied around the fracture, they prevent unnecessary movements. An old bandage should not be used again as it might be infectious.

Insect Repellents

When going to an underdeveloped region or a camping trip, it is important to keep to a bug repellent. Insect infections are quite common and lead to very dangerous diseases such dengue, malaria etc. They may leave a person out cold for a long period of time which is why prevention is better than cure.  Repellent lotions must be applied to the body while the sprays, incenses should be sprays in the area where you would be staying.

Mosquito Nets

People most common to getting mosquito bites are infants. For their protection, a mosquito net needs to spread out over them. They tend to put their hand in their mouths so applying repellents can be harmful. A net is the best option for babies.


In areas where the temperature is very hot, sunburns are a usual occurrence. For prevention of skin damage, it is best to keep a bottle of sunblock. You must thoroughly apply it before leaving your house, hotel etc. Sometimes the sunscreen might not be very effective and you might get burned. In such cases, visiting a dermatologist becomes important. Use the medicine they would prescribe for you then.


Fevers are symptoms to many diseases, which is why a thermometer must be kept at hand to check whether you have a fever or not before taking medicine. A glass thermometer must be kept very carefully in the health box as accidentally breaking it might spill mercury which is poisonous.


If you are traveling with your spouse or partner and a sexual encounter is intended then condoms are important. Condoms are a very basic part of any health kit and you should not travel without them. This is especially true for areas where sexually transmitted diseases are very common. You do not know where you might catch one!

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