What Is Trypophobia? (fear of holes), Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

There are so many of us who suffer from different types of phobias, and these phobias are tough to deal with for the individual who is suffering from it. These phobias can not be controlled by the human brain, they are something that affects us in our own way, and they are considered to be irrational fears and phobias. It is common for just about every individual to have some sort of “fear” or “phobia” to something that is within the world. One of the phobias that have come into the light in a big way, in the past few years, is the phobia that is now known as Trypophobia.

What Is Trypophobia?

Trypophobia is a “fear of holes,” yet is an irrational and persistent fear of holes, and they aren’t of big holes. This phobia is a fear of a tiny cluster of holes, that is asymmetrical. It has become a very common phobia, although a rather unusual phobia, where the suffering individual has a serious and adverse reaction to objects, or images, that have holes in them. A good example of these types of images is the lotus flower, where it has a cluster of tiny holes that is within it.

What Is Trypophobia?

Symptoms of Trypophobia

Scientific studies have shown that the individuals who suffer from Trypophobia, are associating these types of holes with danger, however, the type of danger, that they are associating with these holes, has yet to be determined and is having a lot of research done to figure it out. This phobia does not just remain contained on images of holes, they can also become panicked if they see holes within the meat, the pores of their skin, in sponges and honeycombs, wood, fruits and vegetables, and so much more. There are even some individuals who will end up feeling this type of fear when you simply just talk about tiny holes. There have been several people who have the side that when this fear takes over, they will shudder, feel itchy, feel like their skin is crawling, and it has even made several people physically sick to discuss it.

Causes of Trypophobia

There have been several scientists who have done plenty of research on this type of phobia, yet it is still a question about what causes this type of fear specifically. They have narrowed down possibilities that this phobia has been triggered within the human body. These different possibilities include:

– Evolution

– Deep-rooted emotional issues

– Fear of rashes on the human body that has led to a fear of holes.

Whatever the cause may be for this phobia, there isn’t a specific answer to what causes this phobia to arise.

Treatment of Trypophobia

There are also several different treatments that an individual, who suffers from Trypophobia, can try so that they can begin down the road to recovery from this horrible phobia. Even though Trypophobia is considered to be an “unexplored science,” there are different types of treatments that can help with this phobia, that has been used to treat other phobias as well. Treatments such as:

– Facing your fear head on

– Counseling

– Cognitive behavior therapy

– Other types of behavior therapies

– Hypnosis

These are all treatments that might be able to help the individual who is suffering from Trypophobia, and they are definitely recommended by scientists to try and get the phobia under control. It is important for the person, who suffers from this fear, to try and get it under their own control so that they do not have to deal with this type of phobia as they live out their life.


In conclusion, when it comes to Trypophobia, this is an irrational fear that is very real, and it can cause so much fear within the individual who suffers from it. Simply seeing a cluster of tiny holes, can set this individual into a panic, and can make them physically sick and make their skin crawl. It is a very terrifying phobia to have, and it is important if you suffer from Trypophobia, to try and develop the coping skills to either face it head on or to get the behavioral therapy that you need to help you gain control of this phobia.

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  1. Tommie Sue Caudell says

    I do not have this phobia, but the image on the right that looks like a big walnut growing on someone’s skin with holes in it, is a little disturbing. What causes that condition?

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