What is fear and why it needs serious attention?

Sirens screaming down the street. Dogs howling with painful ears. What is this fear that enters our hearts when we hear someone else in pain? Or the thought of pain, knowing that the sirens mean someone is in anguish and we have that lingering fear that someday it might be us or someone we know or love.

What is Fear?

Fear like love, is also an intangible thing but we know it exists.  It is the flight or fight response that we have when we feel threatened.  There are so many fears and so many levels of fearfulness.

Some fears that we carry with us are loneliness, rejection, losing the things we hold dear.  All of these things are temporary and will not be there forever and yet we cling to them for security.  Our so called security could be ripped away at any moment.  We just don’t have any control over material nature or other people or our own bodies breaking down with a disease.

Rocks could come hurling down upon us, a drunk driver cross the double line, plane crash into our house; so many things could go wrong.  We know that we are going to die sometime but when?  That can produce a lot of fear if we don’t know our true identity.

That is why I don’t have fear in my life.  I will protect myself if I need to and I will not take my own life.  I see the body as a gift and we must take care of our gift or it may be retracted.  We must take care of ourselves so that we are able to care for others.

The fact is that I am not this material body that I am now wearing.  It is like a cocoon covering my true self and this is the basis of self-realization.  I always wondered what self-realization meant.  I thought I knew who I was; I knew my name, age, gender, and occupation.  So what else was there?

It turns out there was a lot more and it’s not something they taught in school.  All I was taught in school was how to deal in this world.  I wasn’t taught about other worlds where fear and suffering don’t exist.  I knew that I was suffering and empty but I didn’t know why.  I tried to fill the emptiness with all the things that my friends were into, drugs and food and distractions of all kinds.  But in the end I still remained empty.  Sure for awhile I would be riding high until the latest thing wore off and then it was into the depths of depression, again.

When I discovered the truth it was a revelation for me.  I met my spiritual mentor and he taught me how to add the meditation process to my life that would make the knowledge and peace become a reality for me.  I had searched for many long years and gone through phony gurus and all kinds of dead ends.  Still I carried on ~ knowing in my heart that the answers to my questions were out there it was just a matter of finding them.  Of course, there was also divine intervention.

What is fear

I say that because I was raised to believe that nothing was an accident.  My mother always said there are no accidents in Divine Mind.  That is what I was taught because my parents were devout Christian Scientists.  They were the heads of the church in our area~~they were the “readers” of the church, because they didn’t have preachers but just read from the bible and the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy the founder of the church.

I was searching for my teacher and was to cross paths with him three times before I could see and hear who he was and that he was speaking the truth…

I am a spiritual spark of the Supreme spark temporally here in this place of good and evil.  And not knowing this truth can cause a lot of fear.  What we fear is cessation of the temporary when we are eternal spiritual beings who never die.  This knowledge can erase all fear because we know that we are never going to die and that is what most fear is based on.

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