What are the factors to consider before going for a dental implant?

What are the factors to consider before going for a dental implant?

A good smile can add feathers in one’s cap. It is considered as a reflection of one’s personality. But what does it is meant by a good smile? One could not have a good and real smile by only having inner soul happy but it also includes the beauty and health of your teeth because they are a necessity for having a good smile. But what if you are going through a teeth loss problem? Losing teeth has become a savior problem nowadays. As we have observed a recent breakthrough in the dental field is the development of a successful application of dental implants. Endostea, all-on-4 dental implants, subperiosteally are some commonly used techniques.


What are Dental Implants?

The moto of this procedure is to place a replacement of your defected teeth that perfectly matches with your natural ones and to build a strong foundation on which fixed or removable teeth replacement can be placed.


Are dental implants safe?

The popularity of this procedure has spurred the interest of dental practitioners and patients as well. But before having this procedure please be sure about some points. Unfortunately, many dental practitioners who don’t have proper knowledge and training are also doing theses implants in the oral health market to make money. That is why I urge you to keep in mind these factors before going for any dental implants.


Dentist’s experience and how much he is trained?

Experience is the key to find the right dentist. It is the first requirement of every medical field and primarily important to know and examine first the experience, education and to get some details about the level of training he has. In any oral hospital, you will find doctors in numbers, from them some will have more skills and experience than others. It will be quite important if you get to know about this total experience regarding this procedure.

Usually, hospitals do provide the brochures in which all academic, practices, expertise areas and success rates of doctors are mentioned. You can take help from these for picking up the right dentist for you.


Discuss the policies involved in the procedure

Be safe! Yes, safety first. Take a consultation appointment first in which deeply discuss all the details and understand all the policies of the procedure. The different medical procedure includes different types of medical terms and policies which tells information about certain things involved in a procedure like injecting anesthesia etc. These things should be known well before any dental implant.  


Which technique is suitable for you?

The right approach, better results. Yes, the same goes here too. Out of variant techniques, inquire about the right one for you. For a complete and successful dental implant to happen, it will depend upon a comprehensive approach to the whole process. The pre examining of the area including hard/ soft tissues can help out the dentist for identifying and designing the right implant to be placed.



It varies, according to procedures, according to tools used during the procedure. Be in your budget but remember not to comprise anywhere on quality.


How many sittings will be required?

It is quite obvious that the procedure can be longer in some cases, depending upon the oral condition of the patient. Sometimes it can extend to 4 -5 sittings because some other dental adjustments are needed to be done first. So, try to know about the sittings will be required.

Duration of procedure

The normal procedure time for a dental implant is usually half an hour to an hour to complete. Getting to know about the total time to be taken during procedure can help out the patient to plan his/her day accordingly.


The need for other necessary extraction

Sometimes remaining tooth pieces, gaps or any other adjustments like filling between teeth become the factors that cannot make the replacement to be fit properly. While to fit up perfectly in the space is quite important. The dentist should be asked that is there any need for other necessary extraction to be done before the implant to avoid such difficulties in the future.


Quality checkup of bone

We have our alveolar bone which supports our teeth. When you lose a tooth the bone usually deteriorates. The implant is fused and placed directly to the place where the alveolar bone is healthy and significant. In this case, the bone sometimes can support the implant for a longer time. It needs to be rebuilt. So, all these necessary scanning and planning for the quality of bone should be planed before the implant.

How long-lasting it would be?

Ask your dentist about how long lasting it would be? What will be the success rate of this replacement implant? Sometimes some preventions are also being suggested by dentists which long Laster your implant can ask them too. For fast and long-lasting recovery try to find out a dentist who can provide a longer life to your implants.



Don’t lose hope if you are losing a tooth, the state-of-the-art technologies and medical advancements have turned impossible to possible. So, all you have to do is to consider these factors before having a dental implant. These factors will provide you all the information you need to make the best decision for your oral health.

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