What are SNS Nails and Are They Worth It?

What are SNS Nails and Are They Worth It?

Signature Nails Systems or SNS nails have been a thing in the world of manicure for some time now. Liquid monomers are responsible for the annoying and strong ‘nail polish’ scent after a regular manicure but with the advent of SNS dip powder nails, that smell has been fixed for good.

Are you curious about trying out this SNS nail system? Read on for our review of SNS nails before deciding if it will be worth your stress.

Brief History of the System

In the 1980s, fashion lovers whose artificial nails got split or broken relied on the nail techs who assisted by dipping – which involved covering gluing the broken nails with a strong adhesive and then adding a layer or two of special powder for a more flexible and natural finish.

However, it wasn’t until 1990 before the SNS nails industry began advertising these special dipping powders and their efforts paid off in the 2010s when fashion lovers began to appreciate the goodness of the system.

Although the application system of the SNS nails hasn’t changed over the years, there is now more choice of colors (over 400) and that means there is something for everyone.

Review of SNS Nails

If you are favoring ‘dip powdered nails’, you should be aware that you may need to pay more than you do for the conventional manicure gels. 

SNS nails are lightweight and can last up to a month without the too-much care n attention that is often required when you have the regular gels on. SNS nails only recently became quite popular despite being in existence for some decades now.

SNS Nails Colors

Signature Nails System comes in a wide variety of colors, plus a beautiful and long-lasting finishing. An added advantage is that the coatings contain elements like calcium that are crucial in natural fingernail development. 

SNS nails are currently in 4 gelous colors. They are SNS 03 Mochaccino, SNS 07 P.S. I love you, SNS 19 Carolina Blossom and SNS 169 Mardi Gras.

Pros and Cons of SNS Nails


  • SNS dip powders contain elements that help in nail strengthening
  • SNS nails come in a large variety of colors
  • There is a reduction or even total elimination of the strong odors associated with conventional nail gels when you use dip powders
  • Poses less threat to the nail health
  • These SNS nails last at least 3 weeks to a month when properly done.


  • In some cases, there might be a need to fill already done nails. SNS nails cannot be filled except when removed and after removal, you might need to apply sanding or nail polish.

What SNS nails are made of?

SNS nails system is one of the most advantageous nail manicure systems.

Firstly, SNS nails contain elements (vitamin A, B5, E & D) that strengthen your nails. Other nail polishes are loaded with toxins which are absent with SNS nails.

Users are mostly thrilled by the variety of colors they can choose from with the SNS nails system while also relishing the fact that their manicure is only done y SNS-certified techs in the salons. Plus, after the SNS process, you are not required to place your fingers on UV rays to cure the polish.

According to data on the SNS website, their products are free of formaldehyde but use more of milled acrylic dipped powders and cyanoacrylate adhesive. The cyanoacrylate triggers the adhesive process and hence eliminates the need for UV radiation.

The company has mobile apps with which they teach wannabe nail techs on the steps in powder dipping.

SNS Nail Dipping Process 

The nail powder dipping process is almost the same in every SNS-certified salon.

It begins with the SNS tech eliminating any old nail polish or SNS nails by soaking your nails in acetone solution for about 20 minutes. After that, the next process is to trim your cuticles and do sanding. Both processes are useful for ensuring strengthened nails.

In the next phase, you will get a nail coating. It is typically one but there might be a second if required. Then there will be several coats of powder. After that, your nails will be perfectly trimmed by the tech to suit your taste, and that is that. 

There won’t be any need for Ultraviolet light because SNS nails dry up at a normal temperature.

Playing Safe Is Expedient

There is a need to be sure of the sanitary process of the salon where you make your SNS manicure. Some pour or sprinkle the powder on your nails. However, if they use the dipping process, you should be extra sure that everyone is given a different receptacle to dip their fingers in.

You Can Be Your Own SNS Manicure Tech

Did you know that you could be your own SNS nails manicure tech even from the comfort of your home? Yes, you can.

All you have to do is purchase the sealers, gelous dip powders from SNS and bases. You wouldn’t need Ultra violet rays to dry your nails. You wouldn’t experience the harsh odors of nail polish, and if you have old SNS nails you want to replace, you can simply use acetone to get them off.

Now, there are more than 400 colors available that you can choose from. To have the best color reflect off the powder, you have set them appropriately. Certified salons have samples that you can study and learn from.

Final Thoughts

The SNS nails system is a ‘must-love’ for all manicure lovers for these 3 reasons;

It lasts on the fingers for more than 4 weeks and looks brand new through this period. It is also free of strong odors from nail polish and contains elements that actually protect and enhance the growth of your nails. SNS nail removal is also pretty easy. 

SNS nails are worth a trial. For your first time, you should find an SNS-certified nail tech to help you with the process to enjoy the best services.

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