Looking for ways to Make your teens happy and healthy? Try these tips

Make your Teens happy and healthy

Teenagers are sullen and evasive bags of hormones with all the emotional sensitivity of a jackhammer to the groin. They’ll shout, they’ll moan and they’ll act as though the entire world is resting on their shoulders – and to them, it is.

Trying to get these unknowable, melodramatic beasts to listen is like trying to travel to the Earth’s core. So how do you ensure they’re staying fit and healthy if they don’t speak to you?

Indeed, it’s a challenge face by many a parent. You want to look after your sprog’s health but you don’t want to crowd them when they’re finding their feet in life.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways to keep your teenager’s healthy – without them losing their cool.

Beat back acne

Your kids might shrug at your advice like you were an inanimate object, but that doesn’t mean they won’t accept some decent products to keep them looking healthy. And if you present a suitable remedy for their spots (a common teenage affliction), you’ll be looked upon as a minor hero.

Teenage spots are the bane of most minors’ existences. They’ll stare into the mirror, pop them uncontrollably and lose self-esteem – all because of a few blackheads.

Teens happy and healthy
Teens happy and healthy

Products exist, however, that can help. Check online for creams that can diminish spots and improve the health of your teenager’s face. They’ll thank you for the thought later in life.

The perfect workout space

You might have a workout space designed for adults, but do you reckon your kids could use them too?

By the time they’ve hit puberty, chances are your teenage boys will want to bulk up and your teenage girls will want to lose a few pounds. While the extremes of these dietary aspirations shouldn’t be fostered, their desire to be fit can be a great when it comes to showing them how to work out healthily.

Build a space with weights, a treadmill and various other exercise machines and let your kids work out in whatever way they see fit (naturally, you’ll want to supervise them on their first few tries).

Clubs with pals

Despite their moody rebellious streaks, most teenagers just want to be part of a group of people their own age. So if they show an interest in joining a sporting club, don’t dissuade them.

The team strips might be pricey and the various events might set you back a few quid, but you’re paying for your kids’ social involvement in a team that’ll see them exercise to their heart’s content.

And who knows how much better they’ll feel after a decent run around.

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