Ways to Improve Your Memory

Have you ever noticed that some people easily remember even very small details and are very quick at learning? We offer you simple methods that will help improve your memory.

Get enough sleep!

Deterioration of memory and ability to concentrate is often connected with fatigue, and fatigue itself – with the fact that you work too much and don’t have time to rest. So, what we have to do? First of all, we should have a good night’s sleep. You may take a walk in the park and go back to sleep. The procedure should be repeated several times a week.

But sometimes it is not enough to have such express rest. If symptoms don’t pass, you may need to visit a doctor. Fatigue can cause illness – a syndrome of chronic fatigue, which most often affects women.

Eat healthy food!

You have to eat small portions, 5 times a day. Thus, you will avoid decreasing glucose levels, and, as you know, glucose is the main source of energy for the brain. It is better to eat food that is rich шт omega-3, low glycemic index carbohydrates (whole-grain bread, fresh fruit juice without sugar, oat flakes, dairy products, black chocolate, tomatoes, lemons) and antioxidants (cranberries, blueberries, plums , beans, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, cocoa).

Turn on the imagination!

People who memorize huge numbers always have a developed imagination. They imagine numbers in the form of plants, animals, and inanimate objects. For example, number 2 is swans, 8 is a matryoshka, 1 is a tree near the road, etc. If you can’t remember something, a picture in your head will help you.

Don’t forget about sports!

Physical activity promotes the inflow of oxygen into the brain and reduces the risk of diseases leading to memory loss. So, it is better to do sports in nature. Skates, skis, jogging in the mornings are able to improve your memory much faster. If there is no progress – attend yoga classes. According to the research, yoga improves memory, raises the reaction rate and even IQ.

Read useful books!

Your brain automatically remembers the information when you read, and if this information is positive – so, there are even more advantages! Vivid images appear in your brain and imagination turns on! Reading is an excellent trainer for your memory! You may also learn 5-7 words of some new language.

Always learn new things!

Have you ever dreamed of learning something but didn’t have enough time? Today is just the right day for this. Test your strength in a new lesson – it can be exploring the mysterious secrets of the pharaohs or diving! Something new is always so interesting and always motivates, adds adrenaline, and new emotions! Do something that you previously were afraid to do or said that had the lack of time! Let your brain and memory work actively!

Have regular sex!

The diversity of sexual life gives you an indisputable advantage. Regular sex helps improve health and it is also your “insurance” for the future. Studies have shown that people who have an active sex life are less prone to senile dementia. This is because sex, like sport, brings oxygen to the organism and stimulates the hypothalamus – the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

Focus on the memorization process!

If you want to remember something, then focus on this process. Think over, listen to, draw parallels with your life or with the available knowledge. The more feelings and thoughts you associate with information, the higher the probability of remembering something really important.

Forget about laziness!

Don’t be lazy. Lazy people will never have a good memory.

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