5 New Ways to Get Access to Healthcare

5 New Ways to Get Access to Healthcare

Healthcare has experienced a renaissance in the past five years with the passage of new laws that strive to give health insurance to all and with more ways people can get access to wellness services. Not that long ago, most people only had the option of seeing their primary care physician for wellness checks, blood pressure readings, eye exams, and other preventative services. Today, more people than ever are getting wellness services from new, non-traditional means. Here are five places where patients can get access to high-quality health and wellness services.

  1. Telemedicine

In today’s world, patients have much more access to on-demand medical care. Some health plans allow individuals to get access to a diagnosis from a medical professional through their phone. With telemedicine, patients can discuss symptoms over the phone with a nurse or doctor. If necessary, the medical care provider can prescribe medication over the phone and help the patient get faster and more effective relief. This gives people convenient and timely health information that could potentially stop a mild ailment from getting more serious.

  1. Retail Drug Stores

Another spot to find relief from common illnesses is through your local retail drug stores. Many drug stores across the country are adding clinic care services. Potential patients can walk in without an appointment and get seen by a medical care provider for minor afflictions. Some centers also offer physical examinations for students before school begins. Individuals in healthcare administration are taking medical services to new heights with the retail store model. If you want to be part of this growing field, get your executive mha from USC online and learn about the ways these centers are helping their communities.

  1. Urgent Care Centers

The popularity of urgent care centers has also made an impact on the health of a community. Urgent care is a popular option if your regular doctor’s office has limited hours. These facilities are also beneficial to the community as they can take many patients who may normally go to the hospital emergency room. Now, emergency rooms can simply focus on true medical emergencies instead of illnesses that sometimes need same day service.

  1. Workplace Clinics

Some employers are getting in the action in providing some sort of wellness service for their workers. Companies around the nation are incorporating wellness services into their basic benefit and health insurance package. While some organizations provide minor routine health care services, like flu shots, some company wellness centers focus primarily on best practices in health, like nutrition and weight loss.

  1. Comprehensive Health Services Centers

The last type of new setting for medical care today is with a comprehensive health services center. These are more typically run by HMO groups and offer every type of doctor and service for patients in one convenient campus. Many healthcare leaders have found benefits in this option of care. Click here to learn about some of the ways that executives in this industry are working to improve this model.
The next time you get sick and you need to see a medical provider, look to some of these newer ways to get help. Instead of waiting around for an appointment, you can get quick and convenient healthcare access and start feeling better sooner.

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