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 Vote (Best Fitness or Health Blog) at the Nigeria Blog awards was nominated as the best health and fitness Blog in Nigeria, Its all thank you our lovely readers; this award was hosted by, The award is just to appreciate a blog that have been contributing to the grow and development of the society…

Now that we are nominated what next?

It’s all thanks to you that we got nominated, we couldn’t have done it all alone, and we thank you for your support.

We have one more favor to ask you, which is your vote, we want you to vote for as best Health and fitness award of the year

How to Vote?

·         Go to

·         Type you Name and email Address

Type your name and email address
Type your name and email address

·         Scroll Down to locate Best Fitness or Health Blog ( If you are having hard time locating that just search for Healthsaveblog by using (CTRL +F)

·         Tick the box beside HEALTHSAVEBLOG.COM and scroll down to submit


vote for healthsaveblog
vote for healthsaveblog

·         Check your email for vote confirmation.

Guess what? You have successful Vote for us as Best Fitness or Health Blog of the year

Please note that you may not receive email confirmation, if you are among those who took part in the nomination


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