Understanding the Importance of Practicing Plank

Who does not want a perfect body with perfect toned abs? Every exercise you do can focus on the particular area of your body and not all. Stretching or rolling off your hands can help toning your arms and not the entire body. Exercise creates excitement and brings energy to your body. Many are afraid if they can take their own body weight by performing the exercise?  Few things are possible up to certain age and weight and when things go out of control Sono Bello make it possible for them.

Plank is a posture of your body by holding yourself high facing the ground with a support of your forearms and leg 90 degrees stretched to the maximum time. No equipment required; no need to go to the gym you would need a peaceful place and 30 minutes from your daily life that’s it.

Importance of Practicing Plank
Importance of Practicing Plank

Plank helps to develop the core strength to the shoulder and arms. You should train your body by burning more calories to look fit from within and outside. It looks easy while watching but thinking it is easy is illusory. It is super tough but with the regular practice you can make it look easier.

The best part is it gives you toned belly, Improve your posture & balance, reduce the back pain, Increase the flexibility in the body. Every exercise has the potential to give you a stress-free day but plank helps in an ultimate way to relax your muscle and it uplift the spirit.  If bored with one position or same exercise then plank bring you the variation. This must be crazy to hear there are more than 20 plank variations that you can try.

Below are the few variations:

  • Standard plank
  • Forearm plank
  • Side plank
  • Walking plank
  • Single arm plank
  • Standard plank with leg high
  • Knee plank
  • Finger tip plank
  • Side plank with leg high
  • Plank with leg pendulum

With the above variation, you can make you exercise more fun and crazy without finding the reason to say no.

Why should you perform plank?

  • To release your back pain with the help of the posture and balancing will improve the backbone and muscle making it more flexible to be tired.
  • It works wonder on the arms, forearms, shoulder, abs, belly, legs, glutes, back and muscles and these give you the reason to try more variations.
  • The boring daily exercise will make you find another excuse for not performing but planks variation will keep you away from such boredom.
  • It not just balance you but let you bear own weight which is the most important thing, gym equipment, and the machine looks heavy but not as your own body weight is heavier than those equipment.
  • It releases the muscle pain and strengthens them. Like every exercise keeps you fresh throughout plank does the same with an additional benefit of keeping your mood happy with its outstanding result.

Seeking advice from the right physician or health consultant will certainly help you in getting proper guidance towards plank exercise.

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