Turmeric Bioperine: Fighting Against Diseases since Ancient Times

Turmeric Bioperine: Fighting Against Diseases since Ancient Times

One of the most common causes of chronic pain and diseases is inflammation of the body systemically. This is what according to scientists causes arthritis, abnormal heart responses, and cancers. Turmeric has for a long time been used in Asian traditional healing procedures to deal with inflammation. This discovery is what led to the creation of some of the most potent turmeric powder forms in the market today. Turmeric Bioperine is a product of turmeric that has been advanced by maximizing the availability of Turmeric’s most potent ingredient known as curcumin. This ingredient is found in any turmeric tuber which is one of the reasons why patenting any product with turmeric has been a tough ordeal for most companies trying to put the product into the market.

A normal turmeric tuber will contain about 2% to 5% curcumin which makes it okay but not as effective since one would need to consume more just to get the desired results. Turmeric Bioperine comes with 95% curcuminoids which makes it impressively potent. The idea behind increasing potency is to make the availability more sensible. One of the many issues that were encountered with the product was how to make it readily available for the body since curcumin is not readily bioavailable in for the body. The absorption is slow which could mean that the body would take ages just to get a little curcumin.


This was made available by the use of black pepper which comes with an extract called piperine that that increases the absorption rate by a whopping 2000%. This exponential increase is what also makes it one of the most potent supplements in the market today. The body can then absorb the curcuminoids fast and easy making the supplements more effective in a shorter period of time. This is also the only active ingredient in turmeric when it comes with dealing with body issues. It has also been passed by FDA as a safe product with most tests being done on animals and so it is important to note that Human tests have not been carried out yet and for a good reason. The product is completely natural making it as safe as products in the market can get through tests in animals has been extremely impressive.

Turmeric Bioperine is used for a number of issues in the body ranging from dealing with direct inflammatory issues to indirect ones causing migraines, low immune systems, high blood pressure and the likes. The product also reverses the inflammation besides being a powerful pain reliever. Bioperine products are available online and most can be accessed through online shipping. It is, however, wise that you go for the best and the most certified for great results as this will be a great determinant.


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Maggie Martin is currently completing her Ph.D. in Cell Biology. When she is not busy in the university, she takes interest in a variety of things such as lifestyle, food, health, herbal medicine, and the benefits of turmeric. Follow her on Twitter @Maggiemartink

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