Top Eight Teams Likely to Win the FIFA World Cup According to their Pre-Tournament Odds

Top Eight Teams Likely to Win the FIFA World Cup According to their Pre-Tournament Odds

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup getting closer and teams preparing for one of the biggest showdowns in Soccer, sports betting sites are beginning to gear up for the event. Most sports news covers this incredible soccer event, and we can wait to get started. This FIFA WC tournament seems different.


This might be the last time we see the GOATs play in a FIFA World Cup competition with them in the Twilight of their career. So, it is their last shot at the most coveted trophy in soccer history. Can any of them win? Or what other top teams stand a chance? Keep reading to see the top eight teams that are more likely to win the Jules Rumlet trophy.  

Brazil +450

Star-studded, team spirit, technique, and flair are everything you will get with this Brazilian team. With Alisson and Ederson available for the goalkeeper spot, they have nothing to worry about in that department. And, with veteran Thiago leading the defensive line the team is solid. 


In addition, Neymar, Vinicius Jr, Casimero, Coutinho, Richarlison, and others are players that can make things happen upfront. Once they maintain their current shape and tactics, they will be a difficult team to beat in Qatar. 

France +550

Defending champions, France, is one of the top teams that can win the World Cup in Qatar. The team hasn’t changed much since 2018; if anything, they’ve gotten better. With Benzema back in the squad, France has more upfront firing power. Interestingly, there is enough backup to help the team in dire situations, making them a tough nut to crack. 

England +550

The English team has always been star-studded. However, they’ve never performed to expectation in the World Cup until 2018, when they got to the last four. Therefore, there is a good chance that they can go to Qatar. However, Southgate has his work cut out with the wide selection of talents options available. 

Spain +800

Although Spain hasn’t reached their 2010 heights after crashing out in the group stages of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the team is coming up with their youngsters showing potential. Therefore, there is a chance that Spain can go far in this competition, as they’ve shown in the UEFA Nations League. We look forward to how Luiz Enrique plans to set up, determining how formidable Spain will be in the competition.  

Argentina +900

The 2022 FIFA World Cup looks like Messi’s last World Cup tournament, and everyone who has followed his career knows it is the only missing trophy in his cabinet. We’ve seen him win countless trophies, but the World Cup has been elusive. So, he’ll be pivotal to Argentina’s success, and with a stronger squad this year, they might stand a good chance. 

Germany +1100

The Germans are a formidable team. However, they’ve been unimpressive since 2014. After many of their top players retired, they haven’t been able to build that formidable team. But we are seeing glimpses of a solid team that can put up a good fight for the trophy and maybe even go all the way.  

Belgium +1200

The Belgium golden generation has been underwhelming. They’ve not been able to reach their full potential, and even though they got the bronze in 2018, it was a disappointing run going by their strength on paper. And unfortunately, the team has slowed down. However, they still stand a chance to go far and win the competition.

Portugal +1200

Portugal has never won the World Cup, and aside from Belgium, they are the only team on this list without the trophy. Ronaldo, like Messi, will be looking to get the most coveted trophy in Soccer. Fortunately, the team is more potent than in 2018, and there is a good chance Ronaldo will get his dream before he retires, bringing an excellent cap to an illustrious career.

Bottom Line

The FIFA World Cup competition is an exciting event that always promises memorable moments, and we can’t wait to see what Qatar has for us. We believe that one of the eight teams on the list would take the trophy home as they are the best going into the competition. 


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