Tips to Have a Dazzling Smile and Great Oral Hygiene

A good oral hygiene is important to make a great smile. With poor oral hygiene, you invite a variety of dental and medical problems which can subsequently take away all the charms of your smile. In fact, a lapse in oral care means you are susceptible to gum disease, brittle teeth, bone loss and so on.

Even worse, not taking proper oral care may lead to a variety of other medical problems such as strokes, heart disease and so on. So, the focus should be on getting regular check-ups done and following oral care tips diligently. The road to good dental health starts with basic oral care at home.

Here are tips to keep your smile and oral hygiene great –

Proper Brushing

There is no substitute to brushing and cleaning the teeth and you should know that well. Doctors say you should brush at least twice a day and brush particles, germs and bacteria out of the mouth. Alongside teeth, you also have to brush the surface of your tongue to avoid bad breath.


Brushing is just one aspect of the morning cleaning up job you do to maintain your oral hygiene. You need to floss the teeth as well to get food particles removed from between the teeth. Flossing becomes important as brushing alone is not enough to reach deep and clean our particles causing harm.

Avoid too much of alcohol, coffee, and soda

Doctors recommend limiting the amount of alcohol, soda, and coffee as they lead to tooth decay and gum disease. They are also not good for your pearly white teeth as they often leave behind stains and shapes of colors. So, keep away from too much of sugary items and maintain your oral health in the desired manner.

Clean your tongue

It’s bad habit not to clean your tongue. Not cleaning the tongue surface daily can affect your dental health in a great way. Plus, it can lead to bad breath and you might not be able to maintain your oral health in a desired manner. So, do brush, floss and then clean the tongue daily.

Get the right dosages of vitamins and minerals

The teeth need nourishment in the same way as other body parts do. They need calcium, vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances to remain healthy and strong. So, try consuming foods and items that meet the body’s need of minerals and vitamins. Eat foods such as yogurt, cheese, milk etc.

Use mouthwash

You should avoid cleaning the mouth with water after brushing. Rather, use mouthwash so that the virtues of toothpaste are not washed out that easily. Mouthwashes can help kill bacteria in mouth and let you maintain oral hygiene of desired variety. However, if you are following all other dental schedules, then whether you use mouthwash won’t make much of a difference.

Don’t ignore dental problems

Many people are of habit to ignore dental problems hoping for things to get better on own. It’s a wrong strategy as you should immediately consult the best dentist even when you have a toothache of minor variety. Don’t ignore the jaw pain as well.

Visit Your Dentist

You should visit the dentist regularly or at least twice a year for sure. This way, you get your dental check-ups done in a thorough manner. Plus, any dental problem is found at an early stage and once diagnosed, the dentist would treat it and help you live a disease-free life. This is how you take a right step towards leading a disease-free life where no dental problems come to trouble you at all.

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    This is very informative article. The important of dental hygiene cannot be ignored

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