Tips to Look Sexy With Fuller Hair

Girls with big sexy hair look stylish. The best thing about a voluminous and full hair is that it is very to pull off. However, if your hair is thin, figuring out how you can get it thicker is not difficult. In only a few steps it is possible to achieve luscious and full hair without much effort. Moreover, you don’t need to fake a fuller hair by using extensions. You will only require a few important tools and some heat to achieve thicker looking hair. A little tease and lifts will help your hair achieve the heights you’ve always wanted. Here are some tips to look sexy with fuller hair.

Blow drying

Change the way you do your blow dry, and you will start enjoying fuller hair. Begin by flipping your head to one side and rough-dry the hair using your hands. You may also rough-dry your head’s other side. Consequently, start styling using a round brush and pull hair sections sideways at an angle of 90 degrees rather than flipping hair straight down and over. This technique will help add some bounce and thickness throughout your hair rather than just at the hair roots.

Change your hair products

Start using volumizing mousse rather than spray formulas to fatten your hair strands up. This is because thickening sprays only target the roots, but mousse covers your entire hair, and this makes it easy to coat and thicken individual strands. Moreover, mousse brings about a lasting effect, unlike thickening sprays which tend to fall flat by lunch hour.

Make waves

The best hairstyles for girls are the ones that are trendy and can last the entire day. Good news is that you can perform most of these hairstyles at home by yourself. Begin incorporating several shiny and soft ripples throughout your hair to make it volumizing and pretty at the same time. Note that: no matter what you do on straight hair, it will always appear thinner. For the perfect look, consider wrapping big hair sections around some large curling iron such as the Con air Ceramic Infinity Tourmaline Curling Iron. Tousle the curls using your fingers to achieve a softer finish.

Get rolling

Traditional Velcro rollers will help fix your limp hair quickly. What you need to do is to blow dry your hairs’ top section as well as the face framing pieces and wrap chunks around two big Velcro rollers prior going about your morning activities. Once you want to head outdoors, shake the chunks out and mist your hair using a flexible hold spray such as the Oribe Superfine Hairspray.

High and dry

You will find dry morning shampoos highly effective for many reasons. They are gritty and water less formulas that are able to absorb oil to allow you skip shower shampooing. Additionally, they are able to rough up your hair cuticles to help make your hair look fuller.

Lightening hair color

If you are hoping to change your appearance, adding several sun-kissed streaks or lightening the color of your hair helps push hair shafts open, and this increases the overall thickness. Don’t ignore the importance of the slightest highlights because they can give your hair an added boost.

Volumizing in your sleep

Some hairstyles for girls are very simple because they can be achieved while one is asleep. Before going to bed, consider pulling your hair into a high ponytail and secure it using an elastic and soft hair tie such as the Goody Elastics Hair Ouch less. Leaving a high ponytail overnight will help keep the volume at the hair roots and ensure that it does not fall flat during your sleep. You will only need to shake your hair using your fingers in the morning, and you are good to go.

Be well-rounded

Choosing the right hair brush is the first step to achieving fuller hair. This is because the right brush is in a position to transform your hair by injecting volume and lifting it straight from the roots. Stop using your paddle brush, which should be used for straight and sleek blowouts. Instead, go for a round brush and if you have shorter hair, go for a medium barrel and a large barrel if your hair is long. For shorter styles, the Goody Style Volumizing Brush is perfect.


Every girl dreams of a luxurious, healthy and fuller hair, but making limp, fine hair appear fabulous and big can be a real struggle. Over-styling, environment and age play a big role in hair thinning, but the above-mentioned tricks will help you achieve fuller hair.

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