The Treatments That Get You Beautiful Skin

Everybody loves their skin to be beautiful, the youthful skin is always adored, while many people undergo surgery, a larger percentage of people are not willing to go through that to attain a beautiful skin. If you want that youthful glow without surgery, there are many non-surgical options available to help you achieve beautiful skin. The first step you need to take is to Consulting a board-certified dermatologist who will help you to develop a safe and effective treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Below Are Just a few Options For You To Consider:

Dermal fillers:

These injectable fillers smooth out wrinkles, plump up lips, and erase tiny wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows or around the mouth and nose. Dermal fillers include collagen and hyaluronic acid. There is no recovery time necessary after this procedure and the results can last four to nine months, depending upon the product. Most dermatologists feel the optimum age for patients to begin receiving dermal filler treatments is between 40 to 50 years old.


Laser Treatments:

There are several types of laser procedures for the skin. Laser resurfacing can help renew the outer layers of skin using a high-intensity beam. This treatment is performed using local anesthesia to help minimize any pain and discomfort. Another form of laser treatment that can help you attain beautiful skin is called non-ablative laser or Fraxel. During this procedure, high-intensity laser beams penetrate under the skin’s surface without disrupting the outer layers. As with traditional laser resurfacing, this can be painful so it warrants the use of a local anesthetic.


This injectable is dermal filler made of botulinum toxin and works differently from the traditional fillers. BOTOX blocks the nerves to the facial muscles, limiting movement in the treated area. By reducing the muscle contractions, wrinkles are lessened and the skin takes on a smoother appearance. BOTOX injection results last for three to six months.

Investigate the myriad non-surgical skin care options available in order to maximize your results. Beautiful skin may be only a treatment away.

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