How To Take Care Of Your Baby

How To Take Care Of Your Baby

Being a mother is a gift from nature. Some are naturally motherly nature and have the sense how to take care of the baby and there are others who need some extra thought and effort put into baby care. Here are some tips to take better care of a baby. They can be quite different to grownups since their senses are not developed and they need all the care and nurture they can get.

Summer Baby or Winter Baby?

It is extremely essential to handle your bundle of joy depending on the time of the year he/she is born. Babies that are born in a certain season might act and respond differently to a baby who is born in a different season. So you have to be ready to take care of the baby depending on the season it was born. For example, babies born in winter need more cautious care and also warm clothing. Then again, summer babies need lesser clothes and more room ventilation. Throughout winters it is best to have a humidifier in your infant’s room to make sure there is no hydration taking place.

Touch, comfort, and safety

The newborn babies have an elevated feeling of touch since his/her nervous system and senses are not properly developed yet. So it is really important to keep the child next to your body (to be exactly close to your heart), since all the nine months in your womb your toddler has always been listening to your heartbeat. So listening to your heartbeat again outside will be very comforting for the baby. He or she will feel very secure when you do that. Also, keep the right dresses and accessories near the baby to give the utmost care it needs.

How To Take Care Of Your Baby

Hygiene matters

Your infant’s umbilical cord eventually dries up and will fall within a week or two since the birth. It is very important to apply an antiseptic cream directly after your infant’s bath for something like 2-3 weeks. In some cases, the umbilical cord might lead to bleeding or infections risking the health of the baby. So it is very important to keep that area clean and healthy and free of any possible infections. Since they are very gentle they will not be able to handle an infection. Also, babies that young cannot be given antibiotics. Hence it is important to avoid infections. While washing your infant, make sure you hold the child’s head high. After that, hold the child under the armpits and wipe infant’s back. Don’t keep your infant’s diaper on for more than 8 hours.

Feeding and burping in the right position

Babies eat very little but they need to be fed every 2-3 hours. Your infant will often give signs of what it needs. In the event that you are feeding the baby with a bottle, always hole the infant’s neck and head in an upward slant. You always have to make sure that baby does not choke and no liquids are getting into delicate lungs.

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