Tips on how to stop Snoring

Are you looking for a way to stop Snoring?  The ones who snore do not know how it feels to sleep next to a snorer! Or maybe he or she does when he or she is awake while the partner or any other person next to him or her is snoring. Not at all a pleasant experience! The rattling, snorting and raspy sound that one makes while snoring is likely to drive away anyone. Old people between the age of fifty-five and eighty-four are more likely to snore than others.

However what one needs to understand is that snoring is a sleep disorder which can have far reaching consequences on one’s health, intimate relationships, and social life.

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By following the tips given below, you can lead a normal happy life and sleep well.

Tips on how to stop Snoring

Lose Weight

Unknowingly you may be putting a lot of pressure along your airway when you are overweight, This causes it to collapse partially. Maintain a standard body weight to stop you from snoring and causing others to lose their sleep.

Sleep side ways

You are less likely to snore when you lie on your side. Try this posture; it is very effective. You put pressure on the area of your neck when you lie on your stomach. Your snoring increases when you lie chest up.

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Do not take Tranquilizers and Alcohol

The central nervous system is affected when you ingest sleeping pills or alcohol. Your throat muscles and those of your jaw tend to relax, making you more likely to snore. Further, both alcohol and tranquilizers are contributory factors to sleep apnea a very dangerous condition which can be fatal and often the cause of cardiovascular diseases. These should not be taken at the same time. Consult your doctor if you have difficulty falling asleep without these.

Quit Smoking

Nothing damages the system of respiration as much as smoking does. Smoking aggravates snoring. Stop smoking.

Get your allergies treated

When you suffer from allergies, especially if you tend to breathe through your mouth while you sleep, you will snore. Saline sprays, antihistamine or humidifiers are helpful. Try any one of these to get relief.

Maintain regularity

Get as much sleep as your body requires. Try to go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time next morning. Erratic habits compound the problem manifold.

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Use Mouth Guard

You snore because the muscles of your lower jaw become slack while you sleep. Consult your doctor or dentist so that he or she may recommend the use of a mouth guard. It holds the teeth in place and helps the jaw muscles to function normally.

Visit your Doctor in case You Are Expecting

Hormonal changes and increased body weight during pregnancy often lead to snoring. This must be checked as snoring causes the foetus to get less oxygen which is very risky for the unborn child. Consult your doctor immediately and rectify the condition..

  • Sleep with your head raised.
  • Check for signs of sleep apnea.
  • Do not neglect snoring. Get medical help if needed.
  1. Mouthguard for Snoring says

    Hi Temilola, I have been advised by doctor to use anti-snoring mouthpiece to reduce snoring. I invested in Zyppah mouth-guard, and I am very satisfied with its results. My wife is happy to have a sound sleep now. I will implement even the tips your shared with us, to stop snoring!

  2. Alex Redseal says

    I want to start by saying I’ve been having ssues with snoring and sleep apnea most of my adult life. I am always snoring quite loudly and wake up quite tired. I tried a lot of solutions, natural remedies, sleeping pills and much more. But with no luck .I was allways waking up quite tired even if I went to bed early the night before. Anyway, the solution to my sleeping issues arrived when my brother told me about this great new device .The anti-snoring device or gadget is called Zippah Rx and it worked like a charm for me. My wife and my kids told me that my snoring volume had gone down and I finely wake up felling rested.If u never tried an anti-snoring device it will take you a bit to adjust.

  3. Imtiaz Ibne Alam says

    Hi Temilola,

    Well, there is no doubt that snoring is a hell big issue. It is often an indicator of serious health issues. Studies suggest that it may even lead a snorer to severe respiratory tract, lung, heart, kidney, and brain diseases. However, these are not all. Snoring can also make a big impact in a relationship with partner.

    Thanks for writing such an informative content. I’ll recommend the mouth guard to my customers to see it helps or not.

  4. Stella Farwell says

    hi Temilola!

    Snoring is a big concern indeed! My husband was a snorer before, when I found out slumber guard it was heaven sent! No snoring nights we had since then!

    1. Christen says

      I totally agree on the mouthpieces for stopping snoring, Stella. It’s been a live saver for our household… although we had the best success with the good morning snore solution. Thanks for posting!

      1. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

        Hello Christen, Thank you for your kind comment, you are right most of our reader realy like how the Mouthpieces work..
        Thanks for your comment once again…

  5. Harleena Singh says

    Hi Temilola,

    Those were some great tips to stop snoring and I need to forward this to one of my uncles who DOES snore a great deal. So much so that his wife has now shifted to another room as they keep getting louder than before.

    Yes, there are also many reasons why people snore, and while one of my research articles on the same subject that I’d written long back – the facts were rather shocking. Nevertheless, if you can take certain measures as you mentioned, you’d be much better off.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

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