Which Sports Burn the Most Calories?

Which Sports Burn the Most Calories?

If you’re a guy who wants to lose weight, you’ll find that all forms of exercise are not created equal, at least in terms of how many calories they burn. Those who want to schedule workouts which have the capacity to burn a lot of calories in a relatively short time frame will definitely benefit from learning about which sports burn the most calories.

To help you get the information that you need, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Swimming burns between five hundred and eight hundred calories per hour. In addition, while it’s intensive in terms of fat burning, it’s particularly gentle on the body. The water acts as a cushion for joints and muscles! If you want to try swimming, make a point of doing laps or challenging yourself – in other words, try to avoid floating and relaxing. You’ll need to move in the water in order to burn calories. Swimming is a healthy form of exercise which will help you to get fit as it soothes your mind and spirit. So, why not try it today?

Is Martial Arts Right for You?

If you prefer something more aggressive, it may be time to sign up for a martial arts training program. With martial arts, you’ll fight to get fit! There are different types of martial arts. However, most will burn between seven hundred and one thousand and one hundred calories per hour.

So, visit a local dojo and see which classes are on offer. This form of exercise also builds discipline. It is possible to get injured during martial arts. However, most classes have skilled instructors who guide their pupils through training and supervise “combat”.

Sports Burn the Most Calories

Is Soccer the Top Calorie Burner?

Soccer burns even more calories than martial arts. If you love team sports, joining a local soccer team may be the best way to burn tons of calories every time that you participate in a match or practice.

Since soccer players run so much, they perform extensive cardio for the duration of games. Calories burned during this activity will usually be well above one thousand two hundred per hour! Make sure to stay hydrated and eat properly while you’re doing this form of workout.

Now that you know some of the biggest calorie-burners, you’ll be able to plan a fitness routine which really does burn fat and change your body for the better. If you like variety, add two or more of these workouts to your routine, in order to keep things interesting.

What is the Top Rated Individual Sport?

This one comes in asa tie with both speed cycling –at twenty miles per hour or more – and vigorous rowing. Obviously, as you get to use your whole body in the exercise, rowing probably rates as better.  Whether you are working out on a rowing machine at home or a boat on the river, you are building strong arms and torso as well as strong legs and burning up to seven hundred calories an hour or even more.  Cycling also adds some risk.  Obviously, roadways can be dangerous for cyclists, but even if you are working out at home in a stationary bike, men run the risk of their love life being curtailed as many authorities claim that the pressure of a thin saddle on your perineum leads to erectile dysfunction.  The jury is still out on that one as there are conflicting reports, but why take the risk?

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