Some Extremely Simple Exercises to Remain Fit and Healthy

Some Extremely Simple Exercises to Remain Fit and Healthy

With the hectic and extremely busy schedule that people follow, it becomes really difficult to find time for maintaining a fitness regimen. This is one of the main reasons that various kinds of physical problems are coming up. But, studies and research have revealed that to main a fit and healthy body, you do not need to do much. There is no need of hitting the gym on regular basis or there is no need to cut down on your favorite food. Here are some simple exercises that can help you maintain a healthy body without any problem:


Walking – Walking is one of the best exercises that you can do to keep yourself fit and fine. For this, you do not need to find any extra time or make any kinds of investments. If your office is at walking distance, walk to it rather than taking a conveyance. And if the distance is more, get down two stops earlier and walk rest of the distance back home. And if you can manage time, morning and evening walks can just be excellent.

Climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator – It is a common tendency of people to take the elevator when they go up in a building. Try and take the stairs instead. However, if the building is too high and you need to go to the top floors, then you can break the climb – some part can be covered in the elevator and some by stairs. Climbing stairs uses almost all the muscles in the body and helps you to keep fit.

Squatting – This is one of the best basic exercises that anyone can do. The greatest advantage of this exercise is that many parts of the body are used at the same time and include the calves, hamstrings, core and quads. Though there are different kinds of squats that are there, you can do the basic squats for regular exercise. Doing these exercises for just 5 minutes per day can keep you healthy and energetic.

Swimming and cycling – It is said that swimming is an exercise that involves all the muscles and bones in the body. It is one of the most complete exercises that are there. So is cycling. So if there are opportunities, go for swimming and cycling. These exercises are simple and can be done for fun as well.

Practice these simple exercises and possess a well-toned and healthy body.

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  2. Neha says

    These are the best exercise you have mentioned here. For keeping ourself fit we should do these exercise on a daily basis. This post is really nice thanks for sharing this.

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