Smile Makeover and Improvement to Several Aspects of Your Teeth

Smile Makeover and Improvement to Several Aspects of Your Teeth

Do you love your smile? If not, you must then surely be thinking about the ways to change it, don’t you? You want the smile to be tweaked a bit so that you could get the desired level of improvement and go on a flaunting spree.

So, your teeth are not as whiter as you expect them to be? Are not they a bit straighter or longer to look good? Worry not, as smile makeover is there to fall back upon and get improvement in your several aspects of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry and dream smile

Having a dream smile is now possible and the credit goes to the advancement in cosmetic dentistry. Dentists today utilize several cosmetic dentistry techniques to improve the appearance of smile and give you a pleasing personality.

Platinum dental surgery: Cosmetic Dentist

The route to dream smile involves many things, including –

  • Any oral health issue has to be treated before the smile makeover procedure

  • You need to convey to the dentist your goals for smile

  • The dentists must discuss with you the option available to bring about the change in the smile

  • And lastly, a unanimity between both, the dentist and patient, to use a specific technique to enhance the charm of smile

  • You will get a natural-looking smile complimenting your features

Smile Makeover Options

You need to meet and consult a dentist to know smile makeover options available. Based on the options, you could choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Here are some of options for smile makeover include –

Missing Teeth

The charm of a smile sometime fades due to tooth gaps. This scenario happens when we face the case of missing tooth or when we have lost one or more of our natural teeth. In such cases, the tooth alignment also gets disturbed a lot. This is when the dentist recommends people to either go for dental bridge, or dental implant or partial denture.

Tooth colour

Having perfectly aligned teeth won’t ensure a dazzling smile if stains and discoloration are there. Clearly, the colour and clarity of the teeth have a lot to do with the lost in the charm of the smile. This is why tooth whitening procedures have a major role to play. Dentists may also recommend veneers, crowns or bonding to get the smile makeover.


Teeth should never be misaligned else great smiles won’t happen ever. In such cases, the dentist may advise orthodontic treatment prior to a smile makeover. However, braces or veneers are a good option in case the teeth are overlapping or just slightly misaligned. All this will help you get the smile makeover of the desire variety.

Face Shape

We may not notice but our face alters due to the aging of the teeth or also due to its gradual wearing down. The changes can also be noticed when the teeth fall out for one reason or another. In such cases, orthodontics is taken help of to get the smile makeover. In this, the face and cheeks are filled out and a youthful look is imparted.

Tooth Shape

Tooth shape and tooth size too have a huge role to play in the way our smile gets impacted. Cosmetic dentists know how to shorten or lengthen the teeth to lend it more charming appearance. They do it using either porcelain veneers or gum reduction. They also do alter the shape of a tooth using either veneers or bonding.

In a nutshell, consult a top dentist Forest Ave Queens, get your teeth and gums analysed and assessed and then go for the smile makeover. This is how the glow of the personality is boosted with ease.

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  1. Mark J. Fabey says

    Yes, everyone loves his smile and want a healthy and beautiful smile too. But some people are afraid that if they smile, the world may laugh at them because they have a gummy smile. Those type of people can get some best tips from here.

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