Skin Problem-Types of Skin Diseases and Treatments with Skin Specialist In Mumbai

Skin Problem-Types of Skin Diseases and Treatments with Skin Specialist In Mumbai:

Nowadays due to global warming and severe pollution, your skin undergoes a lot of issues like tanning, pigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone, etc.

To counter this problem, you will find several renowned Skin Specialists in Mumbai, who are quite successful in solving your skin problems. They are highly knowledgeable and renowned in their specific field and use the latest methods and procedures to treat you.

Skin Specialist In Mumbai

General Skin Problems and Treatments with Skin Specialist In Mumbai:

The skin has to undergo a lot of stress and damage due to pollution, infections and injury. Also, the hot and humid climate is bad for the skin. In addition to this, heavy workout at the gym makes you perspire and adds to your woes.

Don’t lose hope as the perfect skin is possible but it will take efforts on your part. Here are some common skin problems which men suffer from and their treatments.


Whenever you are exposed to theUV rays of the sun, you are damaging your skin. Some guys hardly tan especially if their skin is brown in color as they have more of melanin which protects their skin from UV radiation, you might have to take some precautions if you have fair skin.

Everyone can benefit by following these simple methods like applying sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and hat when out in the sun, even during winter. But if you have already damaged your skin then spread vitamin E twice a day on the sunburn for quick relief. In a severe case, it is better to consult with the best skin specialists in Mumbai.

 Razor Burns:

Usually, razor burns may cause you a few hours of uneasiness and redness but in some cases, it can cause outbreaks with diseased spores and pimples lasting for several days. Wrong shaving technique like applying too much pressure while shaving, may damage your skin causing a burning sensation.To avoid this, wash your face with warm water before you shave, use new and sharp shaver blades or clean blades for an electric shaver. Before shaving, you can also apply soap or shaving gel for a smooth shave. Shave every two to three days while the hair is short.

Use an aloe-based cortisone cream or cooling aftershave lotion containing vitamin E to decrease soreness caused by razor burns. It has a better result than a plain moisturizer.


Acne is the most common skin disease caused by overactive oil glands. However, hormonal changes are also one of the reasons for you getting acne in your childhood. Other reason for acne can be humidity,heat and greasy skin.

The best way to keep acne away is to eat less oily food, keeping your face clean and including green leafy vegetables in your diet. Avoid scrubbing your face vigorously as it can cause acne.


Eczema may not be a severe disease but do not aggravate it by scraping your skin. As scraping exposes your skin to infections and also causes it to swell, crack, scale or thicken.

According to skin specialists in Mumbai, people also find difficulty while sleeping as it causes constant itching. Stress or dry weathers can cause the outbreaks in sensitive people.

There are countless ways to treat eczema like topical steroid creams, reflexology, phototherapy, acupuncture and acupressure, Vitamin-D, hypnotherapy, and antihistamines; which if used will surely help you to feel relaxed from the discomfort.

Dark Circles:

The skin under your eyes is delicate and can be damaged by not getting proper sleep due to late night gym sessions, watching movies and constant use of the smartphone. This may bring about dark circles on your face, if not treated by the skin specialization time it may increase and may remain permanently. Your mom and dad are mostly accountable for this as dark circles are hereditary but the lack of sleep and poor diet can also make it worse.

Dark circles can be cured by eating more nutrient and fiber like fruits and vegetables mainly green vegetables, drinking lots of water and by practicing yoga or exercising. This will reduce your dark circles and will improve your overall skin health.

You can try one simple and easy remedy; place a couple of cucumber slices over your eyes to soothe your delicate skin near your eye.

Skin Specialist In Mumbai


Wrinkles crop up when the skin becomes drier and less supple.Since it is not possible to undo the damage, you can protect your skin from further damage by following a few suggestions Number one priority is to ban cigarettes. Even if you were a chain-smoker in your younger days, leaving it now will help you to prevent future wrinkles. Protect your skin from the sun rays by wearing hats and sunscreen, even in the winter. Also, apply moisturizer every day before going to bed.

One thing every man in their 20’s and 30’s can do is to take good care of their skin and stop the onset of wrinkles.

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