8 New Skin Care Products to Try in 2017

Skin care trends change just as regularly as fashion trends, with each new year providing us with new things to look forward to. Skin care technologies are also advancing at a high rate, meaning you can find products to guarantee your skin is looked after and you can enjoy that radiating, healthy glow. So, if you want to pamper yourself, these are the 8 new skin care products to try in 2017.

1. La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser

Friendly bacteria, i.e. probiotics, are not just something to put in your mouth to feel better. Friendly bacteria are also finding its way to our skin care regimes. One of the frontrunners of this new frontier is Gallinée. If you want to enjoy from their revolutionary skin care product, then check our La Culture Foaming Facial Cleanser. It immediately brightens up your skin and starts creating healthier skin cells on the surface. The product hydrates as well, meaning it’s a great pick for a dry skin.

2. La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum

Proper hydration of your skin is the path to a perfect skin. Luckily, recent skin care technologies have added plenty of hydrating innovations to help you achieve it. Water-based products are starting to be more common in cleansing, treating and revitalising your skin. La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum is a great affordable option to help a tight and parched skin look better. The product can be a great way to turn your foundation into a nurturing product, as you can mix the serum with your foundation in an instant. It makes application easier as well!

3. Alexandra Soveral Facial Brush

Your regime could also do with a bit of scrubbing this year. Dry brushing for the rest of your body has been a popular way to boost circulation for years and finally beauty brands have developed softer brushes for your facial skin. Alexandra Soveral Facial Brush will exfoliate your skin gently, while also reducing the appearance of lines on the face. Light brushing every once in a while will be a quick way to radiate your skin and receive the fresh-faced glow we’re all looking for. You can find the brush from the brand’s own website.

4.January Labs Glow and Go Power Peel Exfoliant

January Labs always comes up with great products and the Glow and Go Power Peel Exfoliant is no exception. The cinnamon-based product helps reduce the signs of aging on your face and it can eliminate impurities, creating a radiant and clear complexion. The product gently warms your face upon application, so it tends to feel amazing as well.

5.Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask

The year is seeing an explosion of new facial masks. The masks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, using new ingredients that help purify, soften and nourishing the skin. Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask uses the natural ingredients of green clay and Palmarosa to purify and cleanse the skin. The mask helps balance the oiliness of your skin and to decongest it fully. It also feels nice and leaves a smoothen finish that can last for days. The products from nealsyardremedies.com are ethical and organic, with plenty of savings to be made with the use of voucher codes.

6. Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubbling Mask

If you want your mask to be a bit playful as well as treating, you should look for the Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubbling Mask. The product is part of this year’s craze for texture changing beauty products. You apply the liquid type of mask on your face in gentle massaging motions, which cause the mask to foam. After a while, you’ll experience a cooling sensation, which lasts until you remove the product with water five to ten minutes later. The mask is incredibly fun and it does provide your skin with a much-needed oxygen boost.

7. Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%

Superfoods have been the talk of the town for a while now. You’re probably aware of the importance of eating right in order to have a healthy, nourished skin. But superfoods are not just for consumption. 2017 will see an influx of masks and serums that take advantage of the nutrients when applied on the skin. Clinique’s Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% is one such product you need to add to your skin care regime. The booster gives you a seven-day dose of the vitamin, leaving your skin more rejuvenated without the unhealthy side effects of exposing it to the sun. The product is not out yet, but you’re sure to find it from most beauty retailers once it does.

8. Votary Super Seed Facial Oil

Are you ready to splash a bit of money to get the perfect skin? If the answer is ‘yes’, then Votary Super Seed Facial Oil is a must-have product. The oil should be rubbed on to your skin every evening and it’ll heal and repair the skin overnight. The essential oils are a combination of super seeds like chia, green tea and pumpkin, creating a perfect mixture of nourishment and hydration. The product is so popular it’s currently sold out, but you can sign up and let them know you want more of this stuff!

If you are looking to spend money on new skin care products, the above eight should be on your shopping list. They’ll add plenty of relaxation and treatment to your skin care routine in 2017.

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