Going Under the Knife: Simple Alternatives to Surgical Cosmetic Procedures 

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Surgical Cosmetic Procedures 

Going Under the Knife: Simple Alternatives to Surgical Cosmetic Procedures 

We are living in an era of Kardashian beauty, selfies, and social media standards. Trying to meet those standards can be virtually impossible or come at a price you’re not willing to pay, and the majority of the time, it’s the latter. The thing about your favorite celebs is that they live a lifestyle that the average person is able to live up to because you live in two different worlds… and people tend to forget that when trying to reach a standard of beauty that just doesn’t fit their lifestyle.


So why do we idolize these celebrities? Successconsciousness.com states that there are numerous reasons why we admire celebrities but it’s their lifestyle and their “look” that gets to people the most. Why do you think that people who get plastic surgery refer to certain looks they want by the name of the celebrity that has that look? People say they want Angelina Jolie’s lips and a backside like Jennifer Lopez, and people pay big money to achieve those looks too… it’s totally unnecessary.


You can’t compare yourself worth and beauty to what you see on TV and social media because it isn’t realistic to your lifestyle. Maybe you long for a smaller nose and bigger breasts but that doesn’t mean you have to go under the knife to achieve that look. Celebrities do that because, for one, they can afford it and for two, they have the time for it. It’s okay to admire a celebrity but is it really worth going “under the knife” for? Probably not. Take a look at some of the best ways to get the look you want without subjecting to cosmetic surgery.

For the Perfect Nose, Brush Up on Your Makeup Contouring Skills

One of the biggest features that lots of women seem to despise the most is their nose. But why the nose? It plays such an important role to the overall functioning of your body, why should it have to look good… it does enough as it is? Well, because it does… but again, you don’t have to have a cosmetic surgeon chipping away bits of your nose to achieve the look you want.


There are actually quite a few ways to get the perfect nose without surgery. If you want a smaller looking nose, there are natural methods you can do like, ice therapy and applying lemon juice or toothpaste. But if you want your nose to appear smaller or fuller, contouring is the best route to take and you can do it in three easy steps:


  1. Prep Your Face: Before you start to contour your nose, you need to make sure your face is a perfect palette for you to start on. For best results, you’ll want to use an oil-free primer, particularly a matte primer. Once the matte primer has been applied, use a matte foundation next and set it with foundation.


  1. Layer Your Contour Makeup: When you layer your contour, it enhances the definition and balances the symmetry of your nose. There are contour palettes that work great and give you instructions on the order in which to use the makeup, just make sure that you layer it to get the effect you want.


  1. Blend Like Your Nose Depends On It: This is the very action that brings the entire look together. Your contour will look like a child just colored on your face if you don’t blend it all together. When you blend, you want to always blend inward towards the center of your nose.

To Have a Bright Smile, Brush With Peroxide

Your smile is the most important accessory you can wear each day but for some people, they hide their smile because their teeth are so unsightly. Peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that works great for whitening your teeth and also kills bacteria in your mouth… just simply pour a capful amount on your toothbrush and watch the whitening process begin, just don’t swallow it.


Some people have stained their teeth so bad that they will need to make a dentist appointment but if you’re someone who suffers from dentophobia, making an appointment to the dentist’s office for a cleaning or whitening service won’t be so easy. If your teeth are beyond peroxide and require a dentist visit, look for a dentist office that offers sedation dentistry. This will ease your anxieties about fearing the dentist.


After a good cleaning at the dentist, you can then revert back to good oral habits and brushing with peroxide to maintain a pearly white smile!

Want a Bigger Backside? Do Squats

Just as it’s the Kardashian era, it’s also the era of big butts (and I cannot lie!), which the Kardashians have also turned into a trend. As popular as big backsides are now, it’s almost hard to believe that not too long ago, they were a thing that was distasteful and looked at as tacky. It was really a shame, especially back then because that was a feature that lots of women had naturally but was made fun of for it… but my how the tables have turned.


People are paying big bucks now for those Brazillian butt lifts now! But the great thing about achieving this look is that you don’t have to go under the knife for it. A simple squat is the best thing you can do to build your backside! You want to push your shoulders back, and squat into a sitting position, just make sure that your knees don’t extend past your toes. Do a few repetitions of this a few days a week and your backside will be on its way to Kardashian status.

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