Should I give my baby Fresh fruit juice?

Your little one is merely getting onto blend food and you want to give them the best start in life. You would like to ensure they get all the vitamins and nutrients and that it is fresh with no awful added ingredients So juicing fruits and giving it to them is a good idea you might think. Wrong!

Should I give my baby Fresh fruit juice?

You might be surprised but babies under 6th months don’t need the nutrition that fruit juice provides. Your baby is already receiving vitamin c through the foods you are feeding him already and if you are breastfeeding him or  her then be aware that breast milk contains nutritional C.

Fruit juice is far too concentrated for a baby. It is high in natural sugars (fructose), this can lead to your baby developing diarrhea, it should also be mentioned that feeding sweet berry juice to a baby at such a young age group can lead to a preference sweet tasting foods. Which is not a good start for any baby?

Should I give my baby Fresh fruit juice

Babies will get all the nourishment, vitamins, and minerals from a reliable and advised diet. Always check with your doctor before taking any form of advice concerning what foods to feed your baby. Also never take the advice off the Internet, you never know where the information was sourced.

if you do decide eventually to start feeding your baby juice, firstly as mentioned above, check with your medical professional. In the event that he agrees (I doubt he will) then water down it. Undiluted juice has a cleansing effect on adults and in large quantities can have an undesirable effect. Where a baby is concerned you actually don’t want to risk its health and any negative effects will be a lot more serious than suffered by an adult.

However why not just juice for yourself, babies can run you down, with sleep deprived nights and basically being on call 24hrs a day. Supplying your body with freshly squeezed juice and veg is an excellent way to help keep your energy and mood up. It’s great for adults, just not so great for babies.

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