5 Considerations to Make When Selecting a New Mattress for Health Reasons

There are a great many health benefits that you will receive when buying a new mattress which is both supportive and comfortable. The key to buying the mattress, however, is that you must ensure that you have carefully considered what you need for your body shape and your sleeping position. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the right mattress, so the biggest battle is understanding your own personal requirements. Beyond this, there is much to consider when choosing the mattress type and selecting from the mattress sizes available, and here are just some of the further considerations which you should make when buying a new mattress for health reasons.

Avoiding Gimmicks

There are many mattresses on the market which will come with taglines such as ‘orthopedically tested’ or ‘medically approved’ but you should understand that these are simply gimmicks. In truth there is no medical organization which carries out testing on mattresses to certify them, so if you see this, you should take it with a pinch of salt.

Speaking to the Doctor

If you have a pre-existing medical condition which you are looking to deal with through the purchase of a new mattress, it makes a lot of sense to speak first with your doctor. Naturally doctors are not experts when it comes to mattresses, but they will be able to offer some advice and recommendations for the type of mattress that you should be looking out for.

Test Driving

Once you have found a mattress which you think  fits in with what you are looking for, you need to lay on the mattress in the store for at least 15 minutes. Many people will simply jump on the mattress, see how it feels and then leap off, this will not give you a solid indication of how supportive the mattress really is. You may feel strange laying there for such a length of time but if you want to get the choice just right, this is what you will need to do.


There is popular misconception that a firm mattress is better for your back but this is not always the case. In fact in most cases you should be looking for a medium firm mattress, which offers solid support but also flexibility to help with the alignment of your back. The mattress should be firm yet comfortable, you can get a good idea of how firm a mattress is during your ‘test drive’.


Whilst they may very well be more expensive, an adjustable mattress is an excellent choice when looking for a product which will help you from a health perspective. These mattresses are well made and they can be reclined to help you elevate your head and knees, thus reducing pressure on your muscles and on your back and neck. The positive health impact of a mattress must not be underestimated so investing heavily would be a smart idea if you are able to.

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