Breast Cancer Awareness – Risk Factors For Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious condition that affects thousands of men and women every year. This cancer can be aggressive but if treated early a person will increase their chance for survival. There are some risk factors for breast cancer that a person should pay serious attention to.

Risk factors for breast cancer

Sedimentary Lifestyle

Lack of physical activity can put a person at an increased risk for developing breast cancer. If a person does not get enough physical activity fat can build up in the body leading to a number of health problems including breast cancer.

Bring Overweight

If a person is overweight they can put at an increased risk for breast cancer. If a person is obese their cancer of developing this cancer is even greater. The extra weight can interfere with the cell development and the cells can turn cancerous.


If a person has a family member that has been diagnosed with breast cancer they are at a higher risk for developing this cancer in the future. This is especially true for women. If a mother or sister has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer this will also put a person at an increased risk for breast cancer. The risk is even higher if a family member was diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 50. While a person cannot change their family history they need to be aware of the increased risk.

Breast Self-Exam
Young woman performing breast cancer self-exam . You might also be interested in these:

Dense Breast Tissue

Some women and even some men for that matter have dense breast tissue. This will make lumps in the breast harder to detect and there is an increased risk for cancer. There are many states that have laws where a doctor has to tell a patient if they have found dense breast tissue on their mammogram. A person should be aware of the risks so they can take measures to protect themselves.

Combined Hormone Replacement Therapy

If a person is using combine hormone replace therapy also known as HRT they are at a greater risk for breast cancer. This treatment is often prescribed to a woman that is going through menopause. In addition to increasing the risk for developing breast cancer, this cancer may not be detected until it has reached an advanced stage. The more advanced the cancer is the harder it is to treat. Advanced breast cancer is more likely to be fatal than if it was caught at one of the earlier stages.

Alcohol Consumption

Those that drink alcohol frequently have a great cancer of developing breast cancer. The more alcohol that a person drinks the higher the risk they will be at. While an occasional glass of wine will not hurt those that drink several times a week are at an increased risk for breast cancer.

Poor Diet

The body needs the proper nutrients in order to stay health. If a person has a poor diet they body will not be able to fight off cancer like it should. If a person eats a lot of saturated fats they are at an increased risk for not only breast cancer but a number of other health conditions as well. A person should have a diet high in fruits and vegetables so the body gets the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. If these items are lacking this can hurt a person’s health.

Reproductive History

A women’s reproductive cycle may increase her risk for breast cancer. If the woman started menstruation at the age of 12 or earlier she is at an increased risk. Late menopause can also increase the risk for breast cancer. If a woman does not start menopause until the age of 55 or even late she is at an additional risk. If a woman had her first child over the age of 35 or did not have any children at all she is at an increased risk for developing breast cancer.

These are some of the risk factors for breast cancer. Breast cancer be dangerous and if it is not treated in time can be fatal. Some of these factors are hereditary and a person does not have any control over them. They should still be aware that they are at an increased risk. There are some lifestyle factors that a person can control. Controlling these factors can reduce the risk for breast cancer and improve overall health.

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