What is the Right Age for Using Anti-Aging Creams

Reports show that people are now aware of the aging prevention concept more than ever. A lot of younger individuals are starting to use anti-aging creams to avoid brown spots and wrinkles in the near future begging the question, what is the right age for using anti-aging creams? Also, people need to be educated about some of the best anti-aging products to ensure that they use only the best.

It isn’t too early to start using anti-aging creams

Experts continue to emphasize the importance of using anti-aging products for skin care. Moreover, they recommend starting an anti-aging skin care routine early in life to avoid premature aging. However, they have been quick to point out about the importance of finding out the right anti-aging cream for your age bracket before buying anything from the store.

Prevention during your 20s

Most researches have shown some important steps people can take during their 20s to help keep their skin healthy and avoid aging early. People are advised to faithfully wear their sunscreen and avoid smoking if they don’t want their skin to age prematurely. Sunscreen protects your skin against harmful UV rays, which can bring about adverse effects on someone.

On the other hand, smoking has been shown to hamper the ability of the body to manufacture collagen, and it might lead to premature wrinkling. If you combine smoking and a lot of exposure to sunlight, the risk of developing wrinkles and other signs of aging doubles. You are likely to appear older than your age mates you protect their skin from sunlight and who don’t smoke.

The type of your skin

Some experts have suggested that someone’s skin type can greatly influence when to start using anti-aging creams. Anti-aging creams, especially those that contain antioxidants are vital to the skin and people can start using them early in life. At age 21, experts recommend using anti-aging creams that have antioxidant capabilities. It should be noted that the best anti aging cream for you is one that contains the best ingredients for your type of skin. Also, some anti-aging creams may work on other people but fail to show positive results on you. In most cases, anti aging creams are specially created to take care of drier complexions. This implies that if your skin tends to be parched at the sides regularly, consider diving into anti-aging creams with antioxidant capabilities early in life.

What to look for

If you are still breaking out, it is prudent to pay close and extra attention to the list of ingredients when choosing the best anti aging cream. Note that, peptides and some vitamin combinations have been shown to bring about a higher metabolism than necessary. Consider going for products that are specially formulated to provide protection. Additionally, experts recommend protecting your skin from UVA rays using a lightweight sunscreen every day. This significantly helps prevent the aging of your young skin. Most importantly, skin care professionals recommend eating a healthy diet rich in antioxidants to ensure that your skin doesn’t age from the inside. Don’t forget to use the best anti aging cream that is exclusively created for your type of skin.

Once you are 30, you should consider using anti aging creams that contain more active ingredients. This is mainly because 30s is mostly the age acne comes calling. However, you should not use harsh anti-aging creams at all costs. They have been shown to be aggressive and can damage the barrier function of your skin resulting in irritation and redness.

If you are more concerned about the appearance of wrinkles and formation of fine lines, professionals recommend applying your anti aging cream before going to bed. Moreover, consider making this a normal routine for maximum results. This helps reduce the chances of dry skin cells build up on your skin surface, and this results to lesser bacteria and oil being trapped underneath your skin. This results to lesser clogged pores. Most importantly, it helps in speeding up cell turnover ensuring that you achieve a smooth, healthy and young looking skin.


There is no perfect age to begin using anti-aging creams, but skin care professionals recommend starting early to make sure that your skin doesn’t age prematurely. Moreover, there is need to figure out an ideal anti aging cream for your age bracket and type of skin. This ensures that you receive the best anti aging care from the anti-aging cream of your choice. Be on the lookout for ingredients that your skin is allergic to.

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