You really think tinnitus can’t be cure! right?

by Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy

You will often read that Tinnitus is not curable and partly that is true but you have to consider that tinnitus is in fact a symptom which occurs due to a number of possible causes of which some of them are definitely curable.

What exactly is tinnitus?

Well it is different for many patients but it is often described as ringing in the ears but it can be buzzing, whistling, whining or many other such repetitive looks. These noises can be intermittent or they can be long lasting which may cause sufferers great stress. The constant noises in the ear area may also upset a sufferer’s balance and cause other symptoms such as nausea, sweating and vomiting.

Tinnitus may be caused unintentionally by each person themselves. For example it is established that exposure to sound levels over 70dB can over a period of time damage a person’s hearing. Sadly, it is likely that tinnitus sufferers will increase with the growing trend of people to have their music player on whilst going to work. The volume levels on these machines are often as loud levels to mask out day to day noises but this can lead to damage to the hearing in later life and consequently tinnitus.


Treatments for tinnitus will really be based upon the sort of condition you have been clinically determined to have. Conditions are likely to be either objective (where the doctor can hear the noise) and subjective (where the doctor cannot hear the noise). For objective ringing in the ears a doctor may recommend surgery, clearance of the ear canal or a number of drugs to help the condition. A patient with subjective tinnitus is a lot harder to treat and there is no actual noises for the doctor to use to formulate a treatment. These kinds of treatments may range from staying away from nicotine, salt and caffeine to the use of supplements, taking medications, power stimulation’s, surgery, sound remedy and psychological therapies. In some cases alcohol may raise the severity of ears ringing so avoiding alcohol may also be suggested in some cases.

Within a recent study it was uncovered that there was a 20% chance of a person between fifty-five and 65 reporting symptoms that resemble those referred to for tinnitus. Given the high prevalence of affected individuals in that age clump it is even more surprising that there is a common misconception that this is an everlasting condition and the one that you just have to experience. While this may be true for a few patients there are available remedies for many patients that do provide some pain relief to the situation.

In addition to the mainstream treatments you can also get some suggestions for holistic treatments that use certain food groups, herbal remedies and vitamins to help your body to normally boost its immune system and effectively cure your tinnitus once and for a

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