Prevalent Problems With Weight Loss via Dieting And The Proposed Solution

When it comes to weight loss and losing the fats faster, the most common and popular adapted strategy is to cut on food and move the body more. In other words, the prevalent trend pertaining to weight loss is dieting and exercise.

However, when one considers the options of dieting and exercise pertaining to weight loss, there is a minimum success rate, and if there is any, it is negligible. The lines below discuss the common problems related to the weight loss plan using exercise and dieting, and what should be the right weight loss strategy.

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prevalent problems with weight Loss and solution

 Goal Setting:

The biggest problem perhaps with ordinary weight loss program via exercising and dieting is the setting of goals. Firstly, setting goals requires motivation, which every other person does not have. The athletes rely on online healthy sports nutritional supplements to help achieve their objective; however, they also have strong motivation backing them up as well. You may want to lose weight but it is most probable that you lack the motivation which most of the people in Hollywood have. Therefore, the first problem with the ordinary method of losing weight by setting goals is that you might not have the motivation that is required to pursue the goal.

The second problem with weight loss goal setting is that you set goals that are unachievable. You may think that you can control yourself and set the goal of losing 2lbs in a week. Regardless of whether you achieve it or not, when  you see someone else achieving 4lbs a week, you try to set that as a goal completely forgetting that non-achievement of goals brings desperation which consequently set you way back in your weight loss goal.

Depending on Will Power:

Those who wish to lose weight and want to do it via dieting and exercising, rely heavily on their will power. They believe that their will power is what can help them achieve the most unrealistic of weight loss goal. Although will power exists, however, when it comes to weight loss via dieting and exercise, the phenomenon fails on both psychological and physical levels.

  • At psychological level the phenomenon of will power fails because, you need it to avoid every day quarrels, the pressure of work, the family problems and so on. Thus when you are using all you will power on these matters, you have little left for your weight loss goal.
  • If will power by considered a physical thing, then it is also unreliable if you are losing weight by dieting. With dieting you go down on the glucose in the body, thus when there is no glucose, there is no energy and no strength is available to you to resist the temptation of foods. Thus, when you are low on glucose, you eat more to compensate for it, therefore, will power does not come in handy for you in losing weight.

Best Solution:

The best solution pertaining to losing weight via dieting and exercise is that you be patient and develop a good strategy. Patience in terms of you not going for unattainable goals, and strategy by being happy on whatever you achieve in your weight loss efforts and not scorn yourself on not achieving any particular objective.

Bottom Line:

The problem with the dieting plans of today is that people tend to over rely on will power, set unrealistic goals; instead what they should be doing is to be patient and develop a right strategy for weight loss.

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