Practicing Self-Care – The Complete Guide For A Better Life

Practicing Self-Care – The Complete Guide For A Better Life


Many people get so caught up in their daily lives that they forget to take care of themselves, in all forms. Self-care is extremely important, especially for people who are suffering from depression and can’t find the necessary strength or motivation to do things that are normally usual for people. Setting up a morning routine can be life-changing if you try to respect it entirely. If you are familiar with snoozing the alarm in the morning, skipping breakfast and spending time on your phone, then you are starting your day badly.

Changing some habits and investing time and effort into building new ones can change your life and transform it into a happier, more productive one. All these changes have to do with self-care, and you need to find the energy to invest more resources into your self-care routines. You can start by reading this article and deciding what you can and cannot do. The self-care tips provided will be sectioned into three main categories: physical, emotional and mental. Each of these categories are just as important and if you combine the self-care routines, the result will change your perception on life entirely.


Even though many people avoid physical movement and constant exercising, it matters a lot in their lives. Physical self-are is not all about exercising, but it definitely includes it, in all forms. Starting slow and including a small habit in your physical daily routine will help you achieve goals that are more difficult and more important in the future. For instance, you can choose to go for a walk every single day to get your dose of fresh air and physical movement. Later, you can start taking a dancing class, or simply dance around with your children or significant other.

The options are so numerous that you can never go out of ideas. In weekends, go for short, easy hikes around your hometown and try to enjoy nature and reconnect with it as often as possible. Another good idea of physical self-care would be to take a bubble bath every now and then, get long hugs from people you love or simply play with your pet. Physical self-care is not all about staying fit and eating healthy, but also about little things such as receiving enough affection or taking care of your skin. These details will count a lot in the long run.


The next category you must take into account has to do with your own emotions. If you feel a certain way, you can’t just ignore your feelings. You must acknowledge them and act accordingly. If you had a rough week at work, simply read a book that you like or teach yourself an entirely new skill. This way, you will take your mind off your current problems and you will stick to something that makes you feel like you accomplished something. Being productive is a big part of the self-care routine.

Turn your phone off before starting any task in the emotional category and try not to be distracted by anything. You always need time to do something for yourself only. Be a little bit selfish and choose some activities that only you love and enjoy. Do that DIY project you postpone for the last few months because of your job or your friends, draw that thing that inspired you a while ago, cook a new recipe – anything that goes through your mind is valid as long as it helps you with your emotions. If you must, book a trip in a new place, find an ayahuasca retreat and spend some time among your thoughts.


Finally, the mental category is the most important one in this list. Why? Because it includes more activities that you must do in order to keep your mental health on the right track. Even though it might sound odd, the mental category is the one that keeps you from slipping into depression or having a panic attack. If you let frustrations and sadness take over your mental state, you will have a breakdown sooner than you think. In order avoid such situation, you must focus on self-care. Here’s what you can do:

  • Meditate

Start with guided meditation. You will find it much easier to focus on the meditation process if it is guided at first. In time, when you get used to what meditation means, you can try other types as well. See how relaxed you feel after one session.

Yoga classes will improve both your physical condition and your mental health. You can find yoga centers very easily. Take a few classes and see if you enjoy them. It’s a great way to combine multiple self-care methods.

  • Start a journal

Journaling will help you acknowledge your feeling better and will guide your reactions and decisions. Whenever you feel like you don’t know what to do anymore or you don’t know what’s your purpose, write a page in your journal. Perceive your journal as your best friend, where you can confess anything you want without being judged. It will help you tremendously in the long run, when you develop a habit out of it.

  • Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is something not all people can do easily. As a mindful person, you must learn how to ignore your negative thoughts. Not everything that comes to your mind is genuine and useful. Mindfulness teaches people that they shouldn’t deny their emotions, regardless of how strong or uncomfortable they are. At the same time, mindfulness will teach you to do one thing at a time and enjoy it at its fullest.

  • Try therapy

Clinical psychologists know how to handle depressions, so you have nothing to worry about. Therapy might be a great option if you don’t know what’s your mental health’s condition at the moment. A few pieces of advice from a specialist will be nothing but helpful.

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