Practical Ways To Enjoy Good Health

A busy schedule keeps the stress levels in your life quite high. Controlled stress is healthy to keep your mind and body ready to meet daily life challenges. However, cumulative stress and high levels of stress on the body and mind may render them to many health problems.

Truth is, we are all busy. Whether you need to do something, be somewhere, or even meet someone, it seems difficult to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A busy schedule keeps the stress levels in your life quite high. Controlled stress is healthy to keep your mind and body ready to meet daily life challenges. However, cumulative stress and high levels of stress on the body and mind may render them to many health problems.

Stress may subject your mind to anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation with all its consequences. The human body may also suffer elevated blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, heart problems, and autoimmune disorders.

With the fast pace of modern living and technology, it seems almost impossible to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This article will help outline how to fit in healthy tips into your busy daily schedule.


1. Evaluate your time and set achievable goals

It sounds logical to lay out your schedule of activities first in order to find out where you can fit in relaxation in your life. Look out for those negative time-consuming activities like television, streaming, and draining people. Make your best effort to replace them with leisure activities like jogging, refreshing sleep, or catching up on your forgotten hobbies.

If you think that you are too busy to make such modifications, remember to try first before judging. Keep in mind to be reasonable while setting your goals and balancing your activities.

2. Organize your daily activities to become productive

Once you have reviewed your schedule and balanced your daily activities, you can take it a step further. Try to look for ways to outsource your activities either by asking others to do it or using technology to save time.

You do not have to do everything yourself, but you can manage everything yourself. This will save up time for yourself to relax. A healthy body will produce a better outcome.

3. Say ‘no’ when necessary

Be brave and say ‘no’ when needed. Politely decline the tasks or people that are not in line with your goals and ambitions. If you say ‘yes’ to everything, that will impose more stress on you and provide less time for you to give yourself a break.

4. Take a tech break, have a nap, or enjoy your shower

A break from the fast-paced technology is necessary to rest your mind. A nap also provides physical rest for your body as well as mental rest for your brain.

Appreciate the usual activities like taking a shower or having a favorite meal. If you set your brain to enjoy them, then it will raise your happiness meter too.

5. Meditation

Meditation has long been a practice to help refuel the mind and the body. It is far better to meditate a few minutes each day rather than long sessions once a week.

Choose a designated place and time. Start small and concentrate on your breath without controlling it. Enjoy it as you do it, as there is no perfect way to meditate. For a guide on how to meditate simply visit

6. Socialize and search for a good laugh

Socializing remains an important aspect of our lives. It has proven to help boost our mental and physical health. In fact, it has been said that those who socialize well are likely to protect themselves from dementia when compared to those who are socially isolated.

If you can combine socializing with a good laugh then you have just won the jackpot. Laughter helps the body to release happiness hormones called endorphins that may even alleviate pain. In other regards, it may be responsible to decrease stress and boost your immunity too.

7. When things become difficult…take a vacation

When you have organized out your life with enough time to relax but do not seem to be happy, then it is time to take a vacation. Do not hesitate to take a planned leave to help refuel again.

You will have to disconnect from your work and search for the sun, sand, and serenity.


1. Treat your brain like any muscle

In order to create and nurture good thoughts, you need to care for your brain. Proper nutrition, exercise, and sufficient rest is essential to keep your mind in a fit state just the way you treat any muscle in your body.

2. Schedule regular exercising

A busy work schedule with other life commitments makes it difficult to find time for exercise. In fact, you may exercise anywhere, including your workplace. Try to squeeze a workout just like meditation or combine both together if possible. If you are very busy you can start by purchasing the best stationary bike for your home. You can check reviews of the top ones (including recumbent types).

3. Change is good

Mix up your life and do not let yourself become drained into a boring routine. Wait for the weekend and break the routine with planning something new to do. This will keep you refreshed and add creativity to your thinking.

4. Maintain a positive attitude

A positive attitude will be the best way to overcome obstacles and rise up from failures. Negative thinking will feed on your energy and soul. Beware of the negative and look for the positive in your journey through life.


1. Schedule your meal times and eat smart

Food is our source of energy. Avoid going through highs and lows. Therefore, schedule timings for your main meals and keep healthy snacks stacked aside too. Don’t forget to enjoy your meal rather than make it a duty.

2. Focus on quality rather than quantity

Concentrate on the quality of your food. Balance your diet with cereal, starch, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits. Fill up your diet with iron-rich food and proteins. Do not forget to add vegetables and as regards fruits: “eat them don’t squeeze them”.

3. Integrate your diet and outplay those menus

Busy usually means being on the move, therefore, try to sit minded with healthy options. Try to balance your intake and your activity. Create the healthy habits that help you stay at your best throughout the day.

Whether dining out or placing an order, mark the healthy options on the menu. You may want to actually treat yourself to something unusual, but most importantly keep track. You can always order that hamburger meal next time.

When should I start?

The answer is simple but difficult. You should start right now! Gather up the will and do not hesitate to make some time and impose positive changes to your life.

You might not feel the urge to go through this, but remember in situations like these, what do the winners do that the losers don’t?

Take home message

Living a healthy lifestyle is difficult to achieve in the modern world.

Stress is a major cause of medical disorders. Adopt an organized routine that allows optimization of your productivity without negative impact on your health.

Inspire yourself with simple daily techniques to help maintain a healthy body for a healthy brain.

Your daily nutrition plays a major role in your overall health status that is often overlooked.

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