Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon Choosing the right one

Plastic or Cosmetic Surgeon Choosing the right one

Plastic or Cosmetic surgery will most likely be a life changing procedure therefore, for anyone planning to go through it there are many important issues to consider, not the least of which is, who you intend to chose for the surgeon.

With so much at stake it is critical to employ the most highly qualified and, certified Plastic Surgeon one can afford. The first thing anyone should check out is, what are their credentials? Who are they certified with? A proper certification and license will help insure the practitioner is competent and qualified but, this alone is no guaranty, there is always reputation to consider. Recommendations and testimonials from previous or currant patients is an excellent source to verify a surgeons ability’s. They should have on proud display, cards and letters of thanks for their services or at least make them available if asked for.

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As with any profession, references are indicative of the kind of service one can expect. Some minor plastic surgery’s can be preformed right in the office but, most will require hospitalization or a surgical care unit so, make sure you understand where the procedure will take place and who will be used in assistance. A support team as well as anesthesiologist, trained nursing staff and, various other technicians are usually required. All of these are factors that will directly affect the outcome of the surgery therefore, it is recommended to aquatint yourself with everyone who will be involved throughout the entire process. Complications are rare in plastic surgeries these days but, they can occur and, it is good prior planning to make sure your surgeon is equipped to deal with whatever might come up during or after the procedure.

Going over the risks involved should be standard procedure for any good plastic surgeon. To much blood loss and infections are the most common risk complications and might require additional medical attention and a longer stay in the hospital and this could affect the total price one will have to pay. There are specific insurance policies for just such circumstances that can be looked into if it is deemed necessary. Recovery time is also something to consider as this can help you to schedule when is the best time to have it done. Because there is so much to take into consideration before plastic surgery a little research is in order before hand to insure the right dissensions are made.

Again, there are many sources of information on the subject and on-line references are a good place to start. Web sites such as can help match the right patients to right surgeons thus saving much time finding a highly qualified plastic surgeon in your area that can be trusted. It cannot be over emphasized how important it is to make sure you have a really good surgeon, His or Her work will be with you the rest of your life. It is hard to put a price on self esteem and confidence.

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  1. Does Plastic Surgeons need Marketing?

    […] Founded in 1931 the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) now lists over 7000 certified members. Needless to say it is big business and, there is lots of competition for the Plastic or Reconstructive Surgeon. With a median income of $264,000 and top earners making over $500,000 annually it is clear why this lucrative field has had a 24.4% growth rate over the past 10 years. For the Surgeon this means of course, even more competition. It is becoming ever more imperative that, as with any business, the Plastic Surgeon must offer something unique in His or Her practice to attract new patients. Marketing for Plastic Surgeons is nothing new but, it is now more important than ever. Word of mouth in the form of personal recommendations, referrals and, testimonials has always been the best form of advisement and will most certainly continue to be so. However, in this new High Tech Information age we live in Social Media and the Internet must be taken full advantage of if one is to stay on top of the game. That is why Web Marketing and Hosting should be taken so seriously, it is the first place people will go now days to get the information they are looking for and this includes finding the best Plastic Surgeon. […]

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