Pineapple Changes The Way The Vaginal Smells and Taste, Is this True?

by Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy

Pineapple Changes The Way The Vaginal Smells and Taste, Is this True?

Over the past years researchers, scientists and even doctors have been researching on foods which are good and bad for the vagina.  It’s known that consuming healthy diet affects the entire body positively, which includes the vagina.   A similar thought came to the minds of some curious health professionals, which made them think pineapple changes the way the vagina smells and taste.

This idea or thought isn’t rampant within the masses. Facing facts that the food we eat affects the way our secretions smell, we can accept this lurid detail as well. The human body is structured in a way that it digests acrid foods in the body directly into acrid chemical compounds that remain present in our blood until it is released by us in our breath, urine or sweat. The body takes in what it needs and secrets the rest.

Surprisingly on how catchy and interesting this topic may seem, experts don’t seem to be rushing to compel a scientific study of the effects of pineapple to the female sexual organ, the vagina.  People hearing about this are still eager to find out more about it. They want to know if it’s true, how long it takes the body to change its smell and if it happens with other foods.

A good number of Reddit thread are on the topic of making your vagina or semen taste anything like candy or fruits, also some biochemist has weighed this topic as well. Suggestions have been made by them on taking samples of enzymes found in a pineapple for further analysis.

Well, basically I think you can change taste with the diet you take. Take for instance those who are in the habit of regularly taking lots of coffee and beer, the juices they take will taste a bit bitter. However, drinking lots of water and adding fruits to your diet will aid in improving the taste of your juices.

What exactly does the vagina taste like? You all would like to know. The way the vagina taste or smells isn’t the same with everybody. This is hugely influenced by the diet we take and our natural body secretions. pointed out that, a healthy vagina wouldn’t taste sour but rather like astringent, this might be because the vagina is acidic after all.


Well, these questions don’t exactly have an exact or direct answer to whether or not pineapple changes the taste of the female vagina, this is why so many people today are still so curious about the question. Some doctors have been asked this exact question on their views of what they think, and these are what they had to say.

According to Alyssa Dweck, MD, an ob-gyn and co-author of the complete A to Z for your V, she says her patients spot a difference after eating the fruit in a proper manner. Well, this medical expert admits having a short account of the incident, “I keep hearing and reading about it,” said the medical doctor.

There are also unanswered questions on how pineapple affects the taste of semen, this question has built same or even more curiosity. “In some ways, ‘you are what you eat'” says urologist Koushik Shaw, MD, of the Austin Urology Institute. There are possibilities that if a patient eats foods containing high sugar, like sweet orange, sweet potato etc. the body fluids might taste sweeter than normal. These effects or changes won’t be noticed instantly. “Prostate fluids in ejaculate can be made weeks or months before,” said Koushik Shaw. According to him, this fruit has to be consumed ahead of time before sweetening the semen.

In addition to that, Shaw allows patients who are curious to try this for themselves, saying there is no harm in trying. The fruit pineapple is enriched with fiber, vitamin B and a huge amount of vitamin C in it, he concludes.

Diets, having pleasant flavor on the body also are vegans and vegetarian diets, meanwhile alcohol, smoking, and garlic, according to research gives your vagina a more sour taste.

In conclusion, it’s okay if your vagina smells or taste just like it is supposed to, this is only natural. Your vagina changes it scent naturally throughout your menstrual cycle as a woman. Certainly, your vagina shouldn’t ever smell or taste anything like a tropical fruit. Tropical fruits are fruits cultivated in warm or temperate areas, these fruits include mangoes, papayas etc. Hygienically, it’s advisable to check with your doctor or health consultant if you find your vagina smelling or tasting like anything other than what is meant to be, mostly if your vagina has a bad irritating and unpleasant smell. Patients who suffer high sugar level should be aware, hence patients should consult their doctor prior testing this.

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