Situations Where Seeking out the Services of a Qualified Physiotherapist is Beneficial

7 Situations Where Seeking out the Services of a Qualified Physiotherapist is Beneficial


Many people seek the help of a physiotherapist to ease their pain and help them heal from various diseases.  A qualified physiotherapist will use different methods of physical movement like exercise, manipulation, massages and several other treatments that do not use surgery or medications.

Other than pain management, physiotherapy can help an individual become healthier and improve their range of motion after a car or slip and fall accident.

Below are 7 situations where seeking out the services of a qualified physiotherapist is beneficial.

  1. After a Car Accident

If you are hurt in a car accident and have been seen by a doctor, you may be referred to a physiotherapist for relief from your pain. Whiplash is the most common injury suffered after a car accident as the seat moves forward and back at a high rate of speed. This can cause neck, back, shoulder, and other pains.

Whiplash doesn’t always show up immediately after a car accident. Sometimes individuals won’t feel the effects of a car accident until days later when their body finally relaxes and the pain sets in.   

  1. After Beginning a Gym Membership

Many individuals who have not exercised in years join a gym and go about exercising fast and furiously so they can get into shape quickly. However, this never works and they end up pulling muscles and injuring joints

A trained physiotherapist will help to alleviate the new and sudden pains as well as show you how to stretch before working out to avoid further injury.

  1. After Surgeries

After some types of surgeries, an individual may not be able to exercise or even walk for weeks at a time. This can lead to sore muscles and joints.

A physiotherapist can help someone begin to walk and then exercise again without a lot of pressure or pain in their joints and muscles.

  1. After Having a Baby

As wonderful as it is, giving birth is a stressful experience on a woman’s body. Physiotherapy is a helpful alternative to riding out the pain after childbirth.

With gentle stretches and different exercises, a new mom can help herself before the demands of motherhood become overwhelming.

  1. Disease Management

There are many diseases which limit an individual’s movement and regular visits to a physiotherapist can help.  Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, Lyme disease, MS, type II diabetes and many other chronic illnesses can be helped with different gentle and targeted exercises.

  1. For Widespread Pain

By using a “hands-on” method of massage and manipulation, a physiotherapist can help to reduce generalized and overall pains. Some individuals suffer from widespread pain from mysterious illnesses like Fibromyalgia, Migraines, and headaches, and other pain causing diseases.

  1.  Prevent Injuries

Before taking on labor-intensive type tasks like moving to a new home or running a marathon, visit a physiotherapist to avoid injuries. The therapist will be able to help an individual come up with a plan of stretching and intense movements to help prevent injuries ahead of time.

It is important to your recovery, and future health, to listen to the physiotherapist and continue the recommended exercises at home as well as at their office.

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