Why People Under Stress Increase Chances of Heart Disease?

People Under Stress Increase Chances of Heart Disease

We all know that too much stress is bad for one’s health. But there are still a lot of people who would disregard the feeling of being stressed. For most of us, we treat stress as part of our life. Our response towards stress affect our overall health. Although it is inevitable, we should still make time and effort to relieve ourselves from anxiety, tiredness, and stress. The problem is that a lot of people do not minimize the things that cause too much stress. They choose to live with it rather than change their lifestyle. It is important for everybody to fully understand how stress can affect our health and life.


Stress is Bad for the Heart

Did you know that stress also increases your chances of having a heart disease? There are studies that show how stress contributes to heart disease which is the number one cause of death in the country. People who are stressed tend to act in a certain behavior that increases the risk of having a heart disease. These behaviors may include drinking alcohol, eating too much, smoking and physical inactivity among others. Such behaviors may increase blood pressure in the body and may even impair artery walls. Stress may also result to lack of sleep and rest leading to headache, back strain, and energy loss.

Whether it is physical or emotional stress, both of these affect the health of your heart. Physical stress usually occurs when you are exerting too much effort that is much more than what your heart can handle. Exercise is good for the heart. But then, if you have an existing heart disease, exceeding your own limit can be potentially dangerous to your heart’s health. If a person has coronary artery disease, intense exercise can cause the heart to be ischemic or lacking of oxygen.

In effect, you will feel chest pain, premature ventricular contraction, or even experience a heart attack. Thus, if a person already has a heart condition it is best to be cautious in doing intensive physical activities.

What Emotional Stress Does

Emotional stress on the other hand can also be detrimental to your heart. Under certain circumstances, chronic emotional stress may contribute to a chronic a heart disease. But most of the time, the main factor contributing to increased chances of heart disease is our response towards stress – be it physical or emotional. To avoid heart diseases caused by chronic stress, it is important to learn how to manage your stress.

There are experts and specialists that can help you undergo therapies to manage your stress. Researchers have found that managing stress is effective in lower one’s risk of a heart disease. There are indeed medicine and drugs that can alleviate the symptoms of too much stress. But all of this are temporary only. In order to live a stress free life, a change in lifestyle is usually what you need. Managing your time efficiently is one way to lessen stress.

What About Physical Stress?

In general, physical stress is relatively easier to manage than emotional stress. A change in your daily habits can immediately improve and reduce your physical stress. Conversely, emotional stress is not easy to control especially if you are experiencing anxiety. Figuring out what stresses you the most is important to be able to deal and manage your stress.

If you notice you have signs and symptoms of chronic stress such as anxiety, headache, depression, lack of sleep, panic attacks, and hypertension, it is best to immediately talk to a doctor or specialist. If your friends and family advise you to get help, it is important that we acknowledge it. Otherwise, we will not take the first step in managing our stress.

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