Pediatric Dental Care is Critical. Here’s Why

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You already know that you need to see the dentist regularly. But what about your child? A lot of people are unsure about the importance of dental exams for their little ones. After all, baby teeth are going to fall out anyway. So why take them to the dentist?

This line of thinking is seriously flawed. Your child’s dental condition is a huge part of their overall health. A skilled dentist will be able to take care of potential problems before they become unmanageable. The benefits that your child receives from regular dental care will last her entire life.

Clean Mouth = Good Oral Health

Infections that begin in your mouth can easily spread to your entire body. A cavity can turn into a bomb ready to go off and make your child ill. That’s why routine dental visits are necessary. Most likely your child will simply have their teeth cleaned or a cavity filled, but on the rare occasion when the dentist spots something troubling, you’ll be happy that you caught it early.  Your child’s practitioner will take a close look at her face and gums, making sure that there are no signs of cancer.

There’s a lot of value in the cleanings themselves. Any plaque that’s building up on the teeth will be scrubbed off, reducing the risk of future cavities. Very young children often have trouble brushing their teeth and miss a lot of areas. A professional cleaning will take care of those tricky spots.

Healthy Development is Encouraged

Some people believe that it doesn’t matter how you treat your baby teeth. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Decaying or infected baby teeth will fall out before they’re ready and affect the development of your child’s permanent teeth.

Twice a year visits to a pediatric dentist will help mitigate this risk. Not only will your child’s risk of infection be much lower, if the baby teeth do fall out early a good dentist might be able to correct the problem.

If you neglect your child’s dental health while she’s young, there’s a good chance that you’ll be paying for your decision when she’s older.

Self-Esteem is Boosted

Ask anyone who’s suffering from severe dental problems about their mouth and there’s a good chance that you’ll hear the word embarrassing. A bright smile is your hello to the world, your introduction to new people. Everyone wants white, straight teeth that they can show off.

Crooked, missing, or dark yellow teeth can make people feel self-conscious. A child that never goes to the dentist is far more likely to develop unsightly problems than one who does.

Good Habits are Developed

Teaching your kids to care about their teeth and practice good oral hygiene is an important part of being a parent. Regular visits to the dentist help children develop good habits. Damaged baby teeth will fall out but you’re stuck with your adult teeth for life. You’re setting your child up for a lifetime of trouble if you allow their permanent teeth to become damaged.

Seeing a Pediatric Dentist is Worth it

A pediatric dentist focuses on caring for young people. They generally undergo a few years of extra training before they begin practicing. The delicate baby teeth of a toddler require different handling than those of adult patients. You might feel comfortable with your general dentist but that doesn’t mean your child will.

Springs Pediatric Dental Care in Colorado Springs, Colorado notes that: “Since we work exclusively with toddlers, children, and teens, we know the little tricks to make their visit as fun and enjoyable as possible. Fortunately, modern pediatric dentistry offers a variety of techniques, local anesthetics, and relaxation methods to help us make your child comfortable. Our goal is to make sure that you both leave our dental office with a big smile!”

Pediatric dentistry is a growing field. Most major cities contain numerous practices. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a practitioner who you and your child feel comfortable with.

Schedule a Visit Today

Healthy children should see the dentist every six months or so. The first visit usually occurs around their first birthday or when their first tooth pops up.

According to a recent study published in 2014: “The importance of oral health in the early years of life is well documented an advocated by professional and academic stakeholders worldwide. Importantly, early childhood oral health influences and outcomes are considered pivotal in determining oral health trajectories across the life course and an impact oral health and disease occurrence in adulthood.”

Researchers found that children who skipped regular dentist visits had noticeably worse health outcomes in the long term.

The importance of good oral health can’t be exaggerated. Take your child to the dentist and you’ll both reap the benefits.

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