Effective ways of Overcoming Menstrual Pain

Do you dread your monthly cycle due to painful cramps? Many women suffer from painful periods, unaware of the effective natural remedies that can make their periods more comfortable.

Menstrual Pain is what most girls pass through every month during their menses. Sometimes the pain is so unbearable that it can even make one to fall sick.
Overcoming this pain can seem hard if not impossible, but besides taking some drugs, there are some natural ways to
overcome this pain.

Effective ways of Overcoming Menstrual Pain

Firstly, drinking hot water can do the magic. Sometimes the menstrual blood comes in lumps and to discharge this blood is most times very painful. What the hot water does is to melt the blood which is in lump and makes it less painful to discharge.
Secondly, you can also consider not taking any sugary food or drink. This can cause more flow and hence more pain.
Lastly, you can decide to take some pain killer drugs, but this should be your last option. Is not always good to take drugs most times, but if the pain is too much to bear, you can take drugs to stop the pain.

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Heat is one very effective method for relieving menstrual pain. There are #many different ways to use heat on your lower abdomen! Try taking a hot shower. If that doesn’t work, you can buy a heating pad that plugs into an outlet if you have a day to spend at home on the couch during your period. Or you can try disposable ones if you are stuck at work. They work much like the disposable ice packs. Just shake to activate, then stick under your clothes. They are quite discreet! If you find yourself stuck without a heating pad, toss a #bag of rice into the microwave for a few minutes. Works like a charm!

Laying in the Fetal Position

This may sound a little crazy, but laying in the fetal position is one way to relieve menstrual pain! Do you ever notice how a small baby will draw his legs up to his #stomach when he has a tummy ache? That’s because the body automatically knows that this position helps relax tummy muscles and relieve the pain a bit. This may not be effective on its own, but I guarantee you if you double it up with a heating pad, or Advil, or both, you will get great results!

Eat More Greens

Dark leafy greens are a dietary source of magnesium, calcium, and countless other micronutrients.  These nutrients are essential for mediating muscle contractions. In some some country, dark green vegetables are also considered to be mildly cleansing, which is what the body needs in a “stagnation” condition. Some greens such as dandelion greens (very bitter, but very helpful) also have a mild diuretic effect, which reduces bloating.


Try a Tea

Raspberry leaf is considered to be a mild uterine tonic. Try a cup of raspberry leaf tea each day throughout the month. It is available at Whole Foods by the company Traditional Medicinals. Keep in mind you are looking for the herbal tea, not raspberry-flavored black tea!

Cut Down on Coffee

Caffeine, especially from coffee, is a well-known vasoconstrictor – it makes blood vessels constrict.  Indeed, it may cause the vessels that feed the uterus to tighten more than they do in non-coffee drinkers.  If you’re a diehard coffee drinker and can’t cut it out entirely, try avoiding it just in the week before your period and see if you notice a change.

[Tweet “Caffeine, especially from coffee, is a well-known vasoconstrictor – it makes blood vessels constrict. Indeed, it may cause the vessels that feed the uterus to tighten more than they do in non-coffee drinkers”]

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  1. Ilaj Upay says

    Lower Back pain in menstrual in the worst and your ways seems effective to get relief. Thanks

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