Above ground and in ground pool owners know the amount of time and expense it requires to maintain one. A pool is far more than a hole filled with water and many supplies are needed to keep the water clear and the pool from leaking.

Filters, covers, chemicals, liners, chlorine, flanges, seals and many other items are necessary for maintenance. This does not include the hundreds of accessories available to make the home pool a fun and comfortable experience.

The problem many have in buying supplies and accessories is that these are specialty items, usually not carried in a typical home improvement shop. A pool owner will normally have to find a shop that caters primarily to the pool or hot tub owner. Because of the limited sales market, not many of these shops are in convenient proximity for the buyer.

Pool and spa supplies are not typically thought of as being online purchase items but online sites are beginning to open. Like with other online purchases, the buyer has the convenience of shopping in the comfort of their house or flat, paying via credit card and avoiding a long drive for a single item. But there are website features that one should consider in addition to price before making a purchase.


A reputable online pool supplier will have a large selection of items from a number of manufacturers. As there is not a sole manufacturer, replacement parts and supplies must be compatible with the make and model of the owner’s swimming pool.

Some online markets carry product lines of 5 or 6 of the most common manufacturers. They may also carry OEM products. These are made by a third party but built to the specifications of the original manufacturer.

Knowledge Base

Few swimming pool owners have much expertise in caring for a pool.  A quality site will have a knowledge base for such areas heating costs, winterizing a pool, the proper chemicals to use for cleaning, etc. Many will post reference guides to care for a pool or spa. The best sites will have online technical support for specific questions. The online support may be in the form of an online chat or a toll free number to call.

Logistics and Shipping

There is nothing more frustrating than making an online purchase and find the shipping costs double the price of the item. Another area of frustration is to find the item will not be shipped for weeks.

A market site should have a direct line to the warehouse. When the company has invested in proper logistics, the purchased item will normally leave the warehouse the next day.

Some sites offer free shipping if the buyer spends over a certain amount. There may be an extra charge if the item is bulky or extraordinarily heavy. But in those cases, the shipping costs should be easy to calculate and should be stated before the purchase is made.

An example of a site that provides many of these features can be seen at http://www.1stdirectpools.com. Click to visit here to see if it offers.

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