Offering Healthy Fast Food to Kids – International Food Chains have done it Right

Offering Healthy Fast Food to Kids – International Food Chains have done it Right

The modern generation kids are prone to fast foods. This is primarily due to the evolution of fast food chains in every corner of the world at a massive pace. With an increasing number of roadside stalls serving fast food, the popularity of this eatable   type is on the rise. There are many unhygienic fast food items that definitely have an impact on the health of the youngsters. Parents find it difficult to manage the eating routine of their kids when the latter are away from their home. Cheaply prepared fast food items are not at all good for health. That is why, international brands like, KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, California Pizza, Taco Bell and many others are trying to make their presence felt in this part of the world with their healthy products for children. Unlike the cheap roadside restaurants, these brands focus more on the hygiene and health conditions while preparing, and serving the food.

Fast food can be healthy

Popular food brands like, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC and many more focus strongly on the healthy quotient of the food being prepared. The companies present super-healthy food in attractive packages to make the kids have some kind of interest. The ultimate purpose is to make the kids fall in love with the items and ensure the serving of the necessary nutrients. It helps in fulfilling two essential goals: serving the people with healthy food and ensuring higher sales productivity.

Providing attractive names to the food items

International fast food chains always play with the names of food items present in their menu. Say for example, they may rename veg grilled sandwich to Batman’s Friday Snack. The same sandwich is provided along with some French fries (cooked in white oil) and a dessert – a perfect breakfast or evening snack to fill the appetite of kids. Then, there can be Spiderman’s web ecstasy that basically serves spaghetti with a bit of designing to create the web style. There are intelligent brains working on food presentation concepts. You visit any international fast food store and such unique names are common.

This is also an interesting concept to get the younger minds attracted to the stores. Often, food coupons are offered for free when you register with these international fast food chains’ sites. McDonald’s online coupons are largely available on different sites. You need not have to register in any of these sites. You can use these coupons to get discounts on total food value.

Food to reward Good deed? No that's bad.. Childhood obesity
Food to reward Good deed? No that’s bad.. Childhood obesity

Creating the perfect combination of fruits and vegetables 

For a child’s health, it is necessary to include lots of fruits and vegetables in her/his diet. Often, parents fail to do so. But there are several international fast food joints  serving great salads prepared from fruits and vegetables. They prepare it perfectly to cater to the taste of young minds and serve accordingly. Also, highly nutritious vegetables like, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes are often used for preparing pizzas, pastas, spaghettis, sub sandwiches and burgers. It is all about preparing the food as per the kid’s liking while using the brain to fill the items with the most nutritious ingredients.

Remember, kids have subtle minds, but they come with a very sharp intellect. So, you need to act accordingly. To prevent lives from becoming monotonous, the international fast food chains have opened their branches in different corners of the country and provide some healthy appetite options with light-hearted entertainment in the form of gifts, events and atmosphere.

Author Bio: David Wicks is a food tester and a blogger. He has also worked as a food quality tester for many reputed brands. Presently, he writes for

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