Steps on providing nutrition for a better body physique

Steps on providing nutrition for a better body physique

A healthy body paves the path for a successful life. As we all are aware of a very old proverb “Health is wealth”. Lets modify it so that you actually understand it well as “No health, no wealth”. And more importantly its very important to maintain a attractive appearance. Because it  is an age where every book is actually judged by its cover.

Nobody follows the old idiom “Do not judge a book by its cover. So a good and well toned body is very important as it adds to your personality. Hence its very necessary to see to it that the body is provided with adequate amount of nutrition for maintaining a better physique.Body physique

Although it is obvious to have initial hesitations and issues to maintain a regular diet (and you might not like the taste of everything and your face might cringe into a yuck!) but it’s very important to strictly adhere to it.

The steps for maintaining a better body physique isn’t really a hard nut to crack. It just needs a little bit of dedication and sincerity and you will actually get used to it even before you realize. Because every person whether it be a man or a women loves attention. And a person having a good physique earns it. But its very important to maintain the nutrition content of the body without which the body will become weak and its no use having an unhealthy body.

A few simple steps on providing nutrition for a better physique are:

1: Adequacy of water:

This is a very simple but very effective step. Water forms the most essential component of a  human body. Around 70% of a human body is made up of water. And it’s very necessary to drink adequate amount of water every day to keep the body hydrated. Moreover it also helps to cut down calories from the body. Also it is beneficial to intake more amount of water every day as water keeps the stomach full for long in between meals, especially if you are consuming over a gallon each day.

2: Boost your protein intake:

When you are exercising and dieting hard to burn down the excessive fats and calories from the body its very necessary to maintain a proper amount of protein intake to balance it and avoid going into a catabolic state. Else the body tends to get weak. So it’s necessary to consume foods which are good protein sources such as cereals, egg whites, chicken breast, turkey breast, tuna, small amounts of red meat etc.

3: Increase in overall meal frequency:

This is a step in which you trick your body to think that you are eating a lot. Here you eat more number of times a day but making your portions smaller so that you can reduce the time in between your meals. This will keep the body satisfied with regular intake of proteins and carbohydrates without affecting the diet balance.

4: Bump your body with adequate anti-oxidants:

Anti-oxidants are the nutrients found in sport supplementation and in food which protect us from free radicals which cause aging, cancer and also heart diseases. Vitamin A and E neutralize the effect of free radicals and hence higher the level of vitamin A and E through daily food intake the healthier the individual. It is mostly found in yellow and orange vegetables and also in whole grains.
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5: Have one meal every other week which you have been craving the most:

Now here is a little liberty which people on rigorous diet can enjoy. You can have one meal of your choice every other week but you must keep he portions under control. And this cheating should be limited to one meal every 2 weeks to 1 month after 4-6 weeks of being in diet initially.  This technique allows you to keep your sanity while you are dieting, and also kick starts your metabolism after dieting strictly for 4-8 weeks.

  1. Elina says

    Nice post. There’s always a need of proper diet to make yourself healthy and smart. Too much use of proteins definitely destroys us.

  2. Justin says

    Very important article. Many of my friends have problems with your body. Temilola, I like to read your posts!

  3. Temabef says

    Yeah you always write a good and mind blowing articles. But i have one thing on the number 2 point you mention, can you arrange in the right order the way we should be taking the protein accordingly because there are some that contain much fat than other because as you enumerate chicken and i think it contain much fat than it egg all along like that so we will know how to take the right one.

    1. Temilola Waliu Globalwalyy says

      Hello Temabef,
      Its nice seeing your face around here Again,
      You are right eating too much of proteins is not really good for human health, i will surely write that in my next post….

      Thank you for your time

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