A Guide to Slippery Nuru Massage


Originated from the soap lands in Japan, Nuru found its way towards the western world. Nuru is the next big thing in the category of sensual massage and is adopted by many across the globe. Nuru is a Japanese word means “slippery”. Nuru gel is made from deep water seaweed named “Nori”.

Setting up the mood of the massage

Like any other massage, it needs a proper mood to be performed in that area. I would suggest applying a PVC sheet as most of the Nuru gel goes in the bed sheet and it would reduce the overall effectiveness. Decorate the room in low lighting and candles. A soft music is preferable in the background.

This massage requires taking a bath in the beginning and it’s better if both of them take it together. Pop a bottle of Nuru gel in the hot water tub and settle yourself there. This would add up creating a fantastic foreplay for the entire session. After the bath the gel needs to be on your wet body. A small amount of gel is taken out in a bowl and is rubbed on both the bodies. Take care that the room is in a moderate climatic condition to avoid getting chilly while doing it.


How massage is performed?

It is a message where in the warm product is applied on the receivers as well as the givers body and massage is given using the body instead of hands. A couple can glide effortlessly over each other. It is a kind of wet massage that starts and ends with a relaxing shower bath. The products that are utilized in this massage are colourless, odorless and non sticky. It is done mostly to reduce mental stress.

Benefits of using Nuru gel in Nuru Massage

With Nuru gel, the skin is given the right treatment as it is made out of 100% natural elements. Also being natural it has no side effects and ends up in softer skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and relieves mental stress. The gel used is odorless and its beneficial for people who are sensitive against fragrances.

Importance of Nuru Massage in reducing mental stress

Imperial Nuru massage requires two partners and it is preferable to have opposite sex against each other. It is a sensual massage where in the body slides over other body and arouses the romantic feelings. It is often done by professional massage therapist and has been proved to reduce mental stress by many who have already undergone it. It is very beneficial for real life couple to come closer to each other. It works wonders for them. While in a serene and calm environment they can come out with true feelings for each other leaving behind all the other issues of life. It would leave both of them relaxed and free from the mental stress. It is certainly a modern way of reducing stress.

If you have not tried it yet, it’s worth trying once.

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