Natural ways to fight against backache

Painkillers, as we know, aren’t the best possible solution in the long run but what can one do in case of extreme situations. Treatment needs to be holistic and something that provides a life-long solution. Hence resorting to certain simpler home techniques gives you that permanent relief naturally. So, in the case of a backache, adopt the following six ways for alleviating and relieving your pain.

  1. Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga definitely helps in finding the required support from within. It teaches us to move with the flow and is an excellent way for relieving and preventing back related pains.

Just use your breath and stick with it while practicing yoga. Start slow and glide in steadily as there’s no need to rush. Move with ease and mindfully. You can always search for poses like downward facing dog, pigeon pose, cat and cow pose and upward facing dog for performing on a regular basis at least once a day.

  1. Oil Massage

Soothing oil massages show a visible and much effective result. Start by massaging the area around your lower back and not directly on your spine. Give yourself a warm hug and ensure that AC and/ or fans are switched off!

Essential oils like basil, ginger, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and marjoram can be used to reduce inflammation and back pain. These can be diluted in some carrier oils like coconut, olive, sweet almond, jojoba and/ or castor. They are all emotionally calming and tension relieving oils.

  1. Foods that help and harm

There are some foods that effectively help you fight against back pain. These include ginger, olive oil, turmeric, red grapes, and thyme. Plus, cooking with some organic butter or coconut oil also helps. Increase your intake of fresh veggies, nuts, seeds, lentils, and beans.

But cut down the consumption of sugary foods, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and refined carbohydrates. And moreover, stick to a nourishing and warm diet to let your Vata remain balanced.

  1. Stay hydrated

As our joints are partly made of water, any kind of chronic dehydration can start to cause pain & stiffness on your back. Hence drink at least 3L of water every day to stay hydrated and avoid tea/ coffee which again contributes to increasing dehydration in the body. Drinking herbal teas help in relieving back pain.

  1. Vitamin C

One of the major roles of Vitamin C is to produce collagen in the body and also protect the cells from free radical damage. Lowering vitamin c levels contribute to increasing pain along with inflammation. For this, best sources are broccoli, kale, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, peppers, and berries.

  1. Bring down those extra kilos

One main reason for back pain to aggravate is the sheer pressure on the vertebrae because of being overweight. Try and lose those kilos to stay on the ideal weight scale. Plus exercising would again help you to reduce the pain. Switch over to healthier diets and take care of yourself.

To summarize, eat healthily and do not forget your dose of vitamins & minerals. Avoid all extreme climatic conditions along with keeping your mind clear to avoid that stress. Because giving yourself the care and rest you need is essential for a healthier and fit you!

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