Making Massage Therapy A Part Of Your Lifestyle

We have all heard about the benefits of massage therapy ranging from reducing stress to improving circulation. However massage therapy is still not considered a core part of healthcare. In fact 58% of Americans would like insurance to cover massage therapy and one of the main referral sources for massage therapists tend to be health care professionals. Given the health benefits of massage therapy we must actively include massage as part of our lifestyle.

I am a massage aficionado seeking out unique treatments and experiences during my travels. Before I travel I usually scope out the massage landscape and make a list of places and experiences. Most recently I had traveled to the UK and did an in depth research on the landscape of massage London had to offer. I came across several options – hotels, spas, massage parlors, mobile massage and traditional medicine outfits.

One of the main hurdles in including massage therapy as part of your lifestyle is not knowing where to get a professional massage by a certified and experienced massage therapist. The main options include hotel/spa massage, massage parlors and mobile massage.

Hotel Massage

The most common places people look towards for a professional, rejuvenating massage are hotels and spas. These are great choices but a lot of research has to be done before choosing the right option. Every luxury hotel typically has a spa or massage rooms within their premises. This is a great option as the hotels only hire experienced and certified massage therapists and offer the best massage oils and products. However this option can be fairly expensive.

Massage Parlor

The second most common option is going to massage parlors. This option can be a hit or a miss given the highly unregulated nature of running massage parlors. With massage parlors you are never sure what you are going to get. During my travels I have found some real gems while also ending up in seedy operations where the therapist had limited knowledge of the human body and massage techniques. I tend to avoid massage parlors but if you do choose to go to one you must do a lot of research on local directories and review portals to find the one’s that are legitimate and offer a good service.

Mobile Massage

The third option and my favourite is using mobile massage services. This is where a massage therapist comes to your home or hotel for the appointment. During my recent trip to the UK I wanted to try out what the local option of mobile massage London had to offer. I was staying in a hotel in Central London and made a booking online. I was able to choose my therapist and see their experience, certifications and treatment modules they offered. I choose a relaxing deep tissue massage. Shortly afterwards my therapist arrived in my room with her massage table, fresh towels and an assortment of oils, creams and products. I would say my experience with mobile massage is highly rated and compares closely to the treatment I have received in the best spas and hotels globally. Also, if you are to include massage therapy into your lifestyle, mobile massage is the best option given how easy it is to book treatments and the most important factor – the massage therapist comes to you.

Now that you know where to find and get a professional massage the next challenge is to understand your own reasons and motivations for including massage therapy into your lifestyle. It is important to understand the key benefits of massage therapy and to relate it to your own needs.

Reduce tension and relieve stress

We all live in a hyper connected world where information is at our fingertips. We can all relate to being overwhelmed and inundated with information as we go about our daily lives. It is at a time like this when de-stressing becomes even more important. Prolonged stress can lead to increased blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and can be the underlying cause for physical and psychological problems.

Massage therapy has proven scientific benefits and is known to reduce tension and relieve stress. Massage therapy puts you in a relaxed and mindful state as you become aware of your body. As the massage therapist works on the knots in your muscles you are forced to let go of stress and relax.

If you feel your work or lifestyle is causing you to have high levels of stress then including massage therapy into your lifestyle is a no brainer. Even a single 1 hour massage therapy session can have quick results on your mental and physical health. The best massage therapy module to reduce stress is a relaxing deep tissue massage.

Ease muscle pain and improve joint mobility

Today physical fitness is top of mind for health conscious individuals. Perhaps you can relate to going to the gym regularly or playing sports. One of the side effects of this healthy lifestyle choice is that we sometimes suffer from sore muscles leading to muscle pain and physical activity leads to wear and tear of our joints. If you can relate to this then massage therapy as a lifestyle choice is for you.

Getting regular massage after prolonged physical activity rejuvenates the body and heals sore muscles. Massage after physical activity eases muscle pain and most importantly has a healing effect improving your joint mobility. Combining regular massage with your physical fitness schedule is a great way to stay fit in a safe and healthy manner. One of the best massage therapy modules for you in this situation is a Sports Massage designed to ease muscle pain and have a healing effect.

Improve circulation and movement of lymphatic fluids

The unique aspect of massage therapy is how easily it can be customised to your own needs. Several massage therapy modules have been developed specifically to help improve blood circulation and also enhance the movement of lymphatic fluids , for example , anti-cellulite massage or lymphatic drainage massage. If you suffer from circulation problems related to obesity or have undergone weight-loss surgery then massage therapy can help in the recovery process. However in such a situation it is very important to speak to your medical advisor and get referred to a specialist massage therapist who specialises in massage designed to improve circulation and movement of lymphatic fluids.

Massage therapy has proven scientific lasting health benefits but in order to get those benefits it is vital to make massage a habit, a part of your lifestyle. Getting occasional massage is beneficial but for long lasting results and benefits consider adopting a lifestyle where getting a massage is a weekly part of your regiment.

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