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Life Changes that Can Impact Your Emotional and Physical Health


Life Changes that Can Impact Your Emotional and Physical Health

Life is certainly worth living, but it doesn’t always come packed in a nice bow. Everyone goes through highs and lows in their lives that can alter their health. While it can be easy to enjoy the good times you experience, when you go through something difficult, getting through it can be rough. Many turn to vices and routines to help them cope, and unfortunately, some of those aren’t the best decisions. Below is a brief description of certain life changes and how they could impact your life.

Getting a Divorce

Whether the divorce was amicable, or you felt like the demise of your marriage had nothing to do with your shortcomings, going through a divorce is like suffering a loss. For so long, you’ve learned to adapt to life with someone who ultimately isn’t going to be there anymore. Getting through a divorce can often be physically and emotionally draining and this is only heightened if you have children. Those who don’t deal with divorce properly can end up suffering from a lot of psychological issues including depression.

Suffering a Loss

Death is another fact of life that can be especially hard to deal with. If you’ve lost someone close to you, finding ways to move on can take time. Finding a new normal when you feel like there’s a void in your heart can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, many turn to bad habits of drinking and using drugs to numb the pain. This can lead to addiction and the need for an alcohol detox program to get sober.

Getting Fired

As if working isn’t stressful enough, finding out that you no longer have a job can be devastating. The news of being fired can lead to an array of issues at home. Often trying to find some financial relief, the newly unemployed become stressed out or depressed. This, in turn, can lead to serious physical ailments including heart disease.

Having Multiple Children

Raising children is a huge undertaking whether you’re the parent of one or two children. However, many parents find the jump from raising one child to raising multiples to be a challenge. The transition of splitting your time, energy, and love can take some getting used to. Some parents go through emotional changes like depression or stress from the changes.

Caring for an Aging Parent

The role reversal that parents and their children go through is often an emotional roller coaster. As their child, you want nothing but the best for your parents, but caring for them when you’re trying to manage a family of your own can really take a toll. Many adult children who have become caretakers end up suffering from emotional disorders and a lessened quality of life.

What You Should Do

Everyone goes through something in their lives that can impact their physical and/or emotional well-being. If you’re going to get through those difficult times, it is necessary to avoid common vices and routines and work on caring for yourself. While you may not be able to change your current circumstances, you can do things to feel better in the moment.

Eat a well-balanced diet – You are what you eat and if you’re not eating the right things you will feel it. Eating right provides your body with the necessary fuel it needs to get through trying times.

Exercise –  Most don’t realize the significant connection between the mind and the body. When the body feels good, the mind feels good and vice versa. Exercising is also a natural mood booster making it a great solution for those suffering from depression or stress.

Seek help – There are things you can go through in life that are both physically and emotionally traumatic. From a car accident to a bad breakup, there is help available to you. Seek the assistance of a medical professional whether you’re suffering from physical or emotional problems. This includes your primary care physician, a counselor, or other medical specialists.

If only life was filled with nothing but happy days and smiles. Unfortunately, there are changes in life that can change the way we feel and even alter our physical health. When you’re struggling to deal with some of the circumstances that life throws your way, be sure to avoid bad habits and instead start taking care of yourself from the inside out



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