Ways to Get Lean and Fit Faster

Being Lean is a sign of healthy lifestyle as crash diets are helpful but only temporarily. In long term it brings adverse effects on one’s health. The best way to healthy lifestyle is to adopt healthy eating regime and that is the key to stay ‘Lean for Life’. Fat reduction is all about consuming fewer calories and burning more. It is a simple formula to get lean.

What needs to be done to be Lean?

For being lean, one must switch to more of proteins and vegetables. Protein has high thermic effect and helps heal the body, strengthening muscles. Some foods help you burn calories and they prove to be excellent sources of weight reduction. Eating more vegetables in your meals help promoting an alkaline balance in your body, this is important for overall health and well-being. Fruits should be consumed in limited quantity, may be one portion a day. Fruits are a source of natural sugar so it is best to avoid excessive fruits consumption. To lose weight, it is very important to cut sugar intake.

Starving body of fat is not a healthy way as fat consumption to a limit is important to absorb minerals and vitamins. Therefore, eating good fats in moderate quantity is very significant in weight loss. Restricting your carb consumption will help in long run if you aim to stay lean. Eating carbs in small portions and active hours are the key facts to help you achieve your goal.

What to Eat and How to Eat:

One should switch to sources of lean proteins like fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs but in limited portion per meal. There foods are sources of good carbohydrates like chickpeas, lentils, squash, green leafy vegetables etc. Good fat can be found in foods like fish, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, avocado etc. Eating small portions will pace up your metabolism.

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What not to Eat:

Avoiding refined grains, fats, sugar, and processed food is very important. Cutting the amount of calories and fat is the key to healthier you.

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The “Lean” Workout:

Cardio workouts are recommended for those who plan to shed weight and take the route to be leaner. Cardio workouts can be of two kinds, High and Low intensity workouts. A low intensity cardio session will burn less calories and it can be in form of walking, cycling etc. Doing a low intensity cardio session in morning is more effective as it promotes the body to consume the stored fat and it should be done for a longer duration. High intensity cardio session is short on duration but extremely effective in burning more calories. Your workouts should be designed to blend both types of cardio sessions and it should be done a minimum of 4 times a week

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Setting Realistic Goals:

Anything you are determined to achieve in life depends on what goals you set for yourself. You should have you short and long-term goals chalked out in black and white before you aim to lose any weight. This will give you something to aim for and motivate you simultaneously.

Analyzing your Progress:

When you set short and long-term goals, it is imperative that you measure them from time to time. This will motivate you and give an insight on your own self to know where to push yourself more. You can measure or track your progress by maintaining a weight loss journal.

Planned Cheating:

Overcoming cravings is the biggest challenge as our bodies and palettes are used to eating foods that are processed and contain high percentage of fat. Scheduling or planning to eat foods that you crave for one in a while is a good way to keep you motivated. Scheduled cheat meals can stop your cravings for bad foods and keep you in control of these cravings. Eating small portion of what you crave to eat once is a week is a good approach. Once you have adapted to once a week cheat meal, schedule it than you can aim for once in two weeks.

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Losing weight and being lean is all about eating right and burning the calories. All you need is knowledge on the right foods to switch to and burning the calories by exercising at least 4 to 5 times a week. Not only will these little things will help you lose weight but will keep you Lean throughout.

  1. Caroline says

    It is really important to follow these tips if you are willing to achieve better results. Regular workout sessions and diet has a huge impact on your health. Being a fitness trainer I can suggest health supplements as well besides workout and diet. Health supplements helps in fulfilling your body requirements in terms of proteins, etc. Thanks for sharing these tips Morris

  2. Dave Smith says

    You make an good point about the cheat meal. Its important to have something to look forward to but not go over the top. I hear some people say they have a cheat day which I think is a bit much.

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