What you need to know about Arthritis


A form of disorder in bones which involves inflammation of joints is named as Arthritis. The word Arthritis is being derived from two Greek words “Arthro” which means joint and “Itis” which means inflammation.

This disease has more than 100 different forms. Osteoarthritis is a common form of Arthritis which results due to trauma to the joint or infection in joints or age can also be the reason. The major problem of an Arthritis patient is Joint pain.

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This disease is not a disease of present generation. History has also witnessed its affect. This disease was first diagnosed in dinosaurs and in 4500 B.C this disease was diagnosed in humans too. In its early days it was the most common disease to be found in the humans. In the most important medical work of history “De Arthritide Symptomatica” William Musgrave has written about Arthritis and the work was published in the year 1715.

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Near about 20 million individuals are facing severe limitations due to Arthritis on daily basis. The most common cause of disability in USA is Arthritis. Individuals suffering with Arthritis, sometimes becomes home bound and Physical inactiveness is found in most of the patients. A person who is suffering with Arthritis finds difficulty in moving hand and to walk, difficulty in moving other joints also. Apart from these difficulties, weight loss, feeling tiredness, poor sleep and tenderness are some causes of Arthritis disorder like Lupus and Rheumatoid.

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Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis doesn’t have any cure at all. Several types of medication have been used till date for the treatment of Arthritis but the result remains the same. Every year almost 1 million patients got hospitalized and make almost 45 million patients to visit health care centers. Muscle weakness, Loss of flexibility and Decreased Aerobic Fitness are the most common problems found in Arthritis patients.

This can only be diagnosed by an appropriate heath professional by clinical examination. Some specified Arthritis can be diagnosed by radiology and blood test. The type of pain may differ from place to place and also depends on the type of Arthritis. Apart from Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis Infectious Arthritis is another major form of Arthritis.

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Some treatment options are available to reduce the affect of Arthritis which includes some lifestyle change such as exercise and weight control. Apart from these minor treatments some other treatments are available like  Joint Replacement, Orthopedic Bracing with some medication.

This disease is majorly found in elders, but it can also affect the children too. Near about 70% of North Americans above the age of 65 years suffers with this disease. It is commonly found in women of all age groups than in men. According to the result of a survey organized by USA between 2007-2009 it is found that 49.9 million of people more than 18 years are suffering with self-reported doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Whereas 21.1 million people had AAAL(arthritis- attributable activity limitation). This statistics can increase in near future. It is one of those diseases for which no medication is discovered to cure it completely. It is not so dangerous like cancer but it can’t be measured less.

Now that you have know what Arthritis is all about, Make sure you read our next coming post on how to cure Arthritis.

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    Very nice health post and i think children get affected by Arthritis just because of bad food eating habbit and they must eat healthy diet like ginger is too important for our health but children don’t like to eat.

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