Junk Food Kills Faster than any other diseases

“We all know junk food is bad; we still eat it. But do we know how bad it is? Do we ever check what we are eating and whether what that packet of chips or Maggie has what it claims it has? Our new study, which looks at the nutritional value of these foods, is to make people aware of what these foods really contain and what they will do to our health”,

As we all know that Junk food also known as Fast Food is one of the most Consumed Food nowadays, but it’s very dangerous to the health when consumed too mush

Disadvantages of junk food

Causes Tooth Decay

Many of the junk foods we eat contains too much of sugar, which endanger problem to our teeth, Increased sugar consumption is one major culprit in tooth decay in kids. Sugar that lingers on teeth helps bacteria grow on the teeth, and the acids produced by the bacteria cause decay.

Stroke Risk

For optimal heart wellness, you should not consume over 1, 500 milligrams of sodium everyday. You need some sodium in what you eat to help maintain normal substance balance, but too much salt increases blood pressure and heart stroke risk. Eating junk food high in sodium, such as potato motherboards, french fries and pepperoni pizza, may increase your risk regarding stroke.


Gastrointestinal Problems

Eating an excessive amount of junk food might cause gastrointestinal problems. Processed junk food provides hardly any, if any, dietary fiber. You need fiber in what you eat to keep your bowels moving. If you don’t get adequate amounts of fiber, you may suffer via constipation.


You have been looking for a way to reduce your weight, and all you love eating most are fast food, then sorry you are closed in gaining more weight than losing it Because Extra calories can lead to weight gain. And Calories are mostly found in fast food we eat most


Not so long we wrote about Diabetes, bu there is no way we are going to talk of sugar and diabetes will be left out of the case, because Fast foods may lead to insulin resistance, an early sign of risk for type 2 diabetes,

Heart Attacks

Tans fats, found in many types of fast food items, has been linked to clogged arteries and possible heart attacks

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